Weekend Playlist Adding No24

by Roman aka jar

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Important music news, maybe...

After we had a lot of music lately we have decided to slow that music thing a bit down. The weekend Playlist Adding will now be added by all 5 apes around, everyone sends an email to me with his song of the week and then it makes Plop! and the Weekend Playlist Adding out of the serious jungle will be in here... if any of the apes forgets about sending me a song i will fill that up :)  ... there will be a new Playlist over at MASSIVE VOODOOs youtube with the name jungle drum. The one i have added will stay personal and will be for sure also available. I don't even think much people listen to the music i hear while painting... or are even reading this far, haha.

 Also the weekend playlist adding will bring you some cool links, hopefully inspirational stuff, we did find over the last week or simply some funny stuff. You may take this as a Entertainment Show on this blog to reduce our Entertainment Spam which happens all over the place, haha. You know, to focus on the real important things like painting and stuff. Guess this could be a cool idea.

For the last time i do it personal, then it will become a pure ap e family thing, yeaha - i'll bring you an example how the future Weekend Jungle Drums will look like, you will find there information about:

Inspirational Links
Kong Fu

...brizzz, end of transmission.


Ok, this last weekend past for a while now, but there was no music addition, right? I will do that with a final adding to my personal playlist... my actual painting music, mostly out of Raffa's Playlist, haha:

Xzibit - "Concentrate"

Till West & DJ Delicious vs JayZ & Cassie - "Same me and U"

Yelle "ACDG" Remix Electro VaVan Treaxy St4nl3y94.sky

Dubfire - "Roadkill"

Bubba Sparxxx . "Deliverance"

Hope you like it! I just simply love that beat at the first one... need to get an instrumental of it :)

And additional a cool Playlist:
Songs for quiet painting

Inspirational Links

First of all. Jeremié Bonomant has to be mentioned. One of my personal gods out there and i still got an article flying around here which should have been translated into german for several weeks now and it ain't finished yet - whatever, you got to check out his homepage regularly, there is really amazing stuff going on ... very inspirational articles and serious miniature loving going on there:

Jeremié Bonomant Teboul

 Second, i was browsing the web, guess it has been while reading french which i don't understand over at the minicreatures forums, but i am not sure anymore.. blubb! ...     ....   What i wanted to say is that i found this amazing stuff:

Kate MacDowell

Third up here is a Link to deviantART, where i am at sometimes to search for inspiration and most time find it there - try something, just type in werewolf for example in the search engine... there is a hell of an inspiration floating at you, you'll see :)



Another blog i want to introduce to you is run by Markus aka Grumbler. This guy is Top Gun Painter from Hamburg and i know he won't like my words here, but you have to check his latest model out... pretty awesome in my eyes, even i guess a dark background while taking the photo would look much better... check his blog if you got some time, highly recommanded:


You may now find him linked up to list in the right navigation bar...


- Yeah, those ebay banners on the right, cool stuff... Big Banana up for Raffa. Minimal updates at the Article section...

- Concentration on some things we are planning, first step less Spam, haha.
- New banners up in the banner area, if you want to link us. Maybe soon you will also find a MiniTutorial about how to link us with a clickable banner... but i have no idea how that works. Raffa has to jump over to that tree (just a little reminder, harhar)...

- 2 sculpts from participants at mati's last workshop added, you may find those in the workshop review section

Kong Fu

Painting, painting, painting...

So far from this first ultimate filled up Weekend Playlist Adding - the new version, the future of less Spam on Wednesday, haha...

Keep on happy painting!


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