Dying Gaia finished...

by Roman aka jar

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Strange but somehow i always have to finish what i start. Done back in Graz in Octobre 2009 as one of my first sculpting experiments i had produced this, a weirdo sculpt, without concept and no experience in working with fimo - only got that buffalo bullshit photo here - this is what i had done in Graz with a first start on painting "it":

It is not small, about 15 cm tall and sculpted with two left hands, but there is something in it - i had a moment to catch it. It is now called "Dying Gaia" and is roughly finished to what it shall be:

Dying Gaia, 15 cm, sculpt

I know something strange and it must be for sure look very weirdo, but maybe some of you see the same in it that i see... she is also up to CMON if you want to drop a line there... click for Gaia!

Keep on happy painting!


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