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by Roman aka jar

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Aloa on this wonderful, brilliant sunday morning...

Why am i saying this with such power? Guess it is about that spring finally rolls in... you can smell it in the air, feel it everywhere the winter says goodbye and slowly flowers will rise in the Jungle again, the world is turning green again. I guess you understand me better while listening to this song. That simply describes my joy i got from my friend the sun - or this one, yeah sunny days up on the horizon - or this one :)

I know that there is much to read in here on this blog and i shouldn't post on top of the latest things which dropped in here on the weekend. But i just can't stand it, as my girlfriend has to learn these days for upcoming tests - time is on my side and i got to do it because my brain schedule is filled up with things i want to do - simply freeing the brain and drink a great cup of dark coffee on this morning.

Glueing with Superglue
 So this Tutorial is about how you can glue stuff with super glue. I have no idea if it is worth the reading but maybe there could be little hints and ideas somewhere in between the lines you might catch and which could help you somehow on your own workbench. This is simply my view on the topic "glueing", for sure there are lots of other minds outthere with other experience about this theme. Just keep in mind that those are mine and they must not be the best ones out there. For sure they are not i guess, but there is always something to learn and discover.

I also did an intense testing on the Gorillasuperglue the last couple of days, to bring you further information about this product (Be warned: there will be advertisment in this article). Again i want to thank the company Erbstößer GmbH from Germany for sending me some tests of their glue. I will provide all the information to you during this article and will inform you where to get it in the end of this article.

Robert did once ask me: "Hey, Roman, why should this glue be better than other super glues anyway?"
I simply answered before i made the experience of testing it: "Look at the outer packing of this glue, there is a gorilla on it! And you know what that means!"

Klick and eat your banana all day long!

What glue to use and how to handle
First always read the instructions on your product. Take care of safety first, then work. There are strange things happening everyday - so take care.

I am using about 3 different types of glues:

Plastic glue
PVC glue

Stop, i don't use Plastic glue anymore - why? I totally stopped using Plastic glue for a long while now, because i don't like the effect of the plastic 'melting' together somehow. For Plastic, Resin, ceramics, metalls, wood, stones and and whatever you might think of. I simply use super glue, because it keeps it strong and even i want to change something after the finished build i can do so with a strong and careful move of my gorillapowerfilled arms. I could not do that with dried Plastic glue. Ok, it seems i am talking about Superglue first, haha. There will be a lot of more talk about PVC glue in the future.

There are different usual attractions in Superglues. For sure there are and that is good. I usually went to the supermarket and bought about 3 mg expensive there, i won't tell company names now but you should check out the price/capacity simple to take care of your money. Sometimes it is really hard to find your superglue, but now i know i am glued to Gorillasuperglue, not only because there is a brother of mine printed up there. Its price/capacity is really cool (about 7,32 € for 15 mg / about 10,00 USD). There is a big bottle and a small package of 2x 3mg in their stock, you may check it out here. That is really a cool price in my eyes, for sure you got to find out yourself, but believe me, this glue is the only one who deserves the name Gorilla on it.

I am really glueing everything with Superglue like mentioned above. I sometimes repair things in my flat with Superglue and true believing in the MacGyverForces on this planet but that gets a bit off-topic from our hobby aspects. So back to it. I will slow down the Gorilla glue advertisment a bit and throw it at the end of this article, at least i try. For this i'll throw in this song and make another coffee...

Back on track... and i guess some pictures are needed after a long time without pictures. I just want to show you how strong Superglue can be:

Most time i really mess up my workbench with Superglue while i work on bases and areas where you don't need to pay much attention. While glueing together miniature parts after preparation or finer things i am not doing it the butchery way. I put a drop of superglue on a place, like the upper area of my closable wet palette and take a toothpick to get a small drop up at the place i want to glue - doing it like this i can control the glue much better.

Sometimes Superglue is very liquid, depends on the manufacturer for sure but is a horrible situation when it runs down your miniature after you tried to glue it at the miniature out from the tube. So simply check the way i described above to avoid such accidents. Did i mention that the Gorillasuperglue is not that liquid, it is in between a gel- and liquid consesteny and working with the toothpick method is just superfine with it.

After Raffa was talking about little animals in his latest basing tutorial i was up to the same thing in the same time, haha. Pretty cool... i placed the little animals with using the toothpick method. I also do it that way with leaves or mostly everything i attach to a base after painting:

I will write an article about using MiniNatur and how to create intresing basing fauna - more to this soon - but i am using the same method with the toothpick in here:

 Another practial example you can see in this article.

For sure only using Superglue doesn't provide the best fit for most miniatures, bases, etc.  ...
You should pin your miniatures when they are heavy or are used on the gaming table a lot. Don't spare time at this one - Pinning articles so far:

Fixing a big miniature to the gaming table
Preparing a metal miniature

And something completly weird - 
don't jerk in socks, use a banana - here!

When i am gluing bigger things like a tank for example i will not hold it together for the time it needs to dry out, even there is not much time needed for this - for example while gluing a tank i use elastic strap to bring up the pressure i need:

At the moment my brain won't spit out more information about the use of superglue. Hah! Another one, there is something called "Activator" out there which you can spray at the area you did glue to fasten the process of gluing into seconds. Not much experience myself with this sort of things - i am more the patient guy but it when i did use it has been great. Check it out someday, i will too.

 Common Mistakes while using superglue
- You don't use one with Gorilla powers (no just kidding, but give it a try)
- Being hectic leads to accidents
- Often it happens that your Superglue bottle is glued at the cap while it is still half full. That happens when you are not taking care of the tip. It should be clean from superglue drops after working. If this happens to you cut of the cap with a gripper and close it with a tape. Now when you need some glue simply take it out with a toothpick.

Please feel free to add some more ideas to this article by posting a comment or simply share your thoughts on this one with us. I would welcome you being quoted in here.

Gorilla Super Glue information
It says on the webpage:
"For the toughest jobs on Planet Earth!" and believe me this is true. From this day on Kong will use the glue out of the jungle.

In Germany you may get the Gorilla Super Glue and information about it here at Erbstößer.
International ordering can be placed at, Gorilla Glue - Home. You may also find information about the glue at this place, also funny Gorilla Games. When you are intrested in some more feedback check out Gorilla Glue on facebook.

I am in Contact with the Gorilla Glue Guys to chat about more ideas for Jungle domination. We will see what the future brings and maybe we can send the winners of our competitions a little test of the ultimate powers of Gorilla Glue - i'll head for this one for our fellow readers.

Keep on happy glueing!


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