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by Raffa

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Hey everyone,

i'm happy to present you this special jungle offer we managed to make just for you, our dear readers!
You can now buy Matis 'Demon Johnco Jones' Bust here at Massive Voodoo for the special price of 10,-€ (incl. taxes) + shipping*!
* - Shipping to germany is 5,-€, for international shipping rates, please just ask via email ;)

About the bust:
It's a demon named Johnco Jones sculped by mati himself, the scale is about 1/10 and he is finely detailed.
A painted version can be viewed by clicking the image below:
Demon Johnco Jones painted by Picster

What do you have to do?
Just drop a mail to the following mail:
thebadsmile at badsmile-miniatures dot com
Write how many busts you want, where you live and everything will then be managed by the big bad Mati aka Badsmile himself ;)

What you'll get?
One nicely packed bust!

So, don't miss this special offer and we hope you like this whole thing :)

I have to thank Stefan from Masquerade Miniaturen who made this whole offer possible from the first place and for sure Mati for sculpting it ;)

If you need anything else from the masq shop, just write it into the mail and it'll be sent together with the bust to save shipping costs.

I hope we'll see some painted Johncos soon!



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