Sea of Heartbreak...

by Roman aka jar

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Yeah, thanks to my man Johnny Cash and his wonderful art. He helped me pass my Nemesis of the last weeks. The bust of Denise is finally finished. Even this posting will be some kind of log off into the weekend i have something about miniatures again for you. Denise has been a comission job and the customer wanted to see a photo today instead of waiting til Monday, who would not, haha ... i did a shot in my actual very full cabinet with camera lightning and i really like this shot somehow - i am always impressed by such power little miniatures have in numbers, if they would not be my own works, haha (some birdbrained fart of mine)... my cabinet is going to empty soon, on Monday i'll send the latest sold miniatures... heyho Denise finished, nasty little bust, better pictures soon i hope, click to enlarge:

Denise looks so nasty on her nasty socket of the nasty :) - Hope you like her! Nemesis gone, yeaha! Sooner or later more pictures of her at this station ... keep tuning in.

Keep on happy painting!


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