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First, sorry to the Chapuchin for another time posting on top of his apocalyptic awesome posting... damn this, but its snowy and windy outside and i got nothing better to do than smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangoroo ... you'll get big banana today on Monday's Night painting session Mr. Chapuchin and i'll show you the secrets of the big bongo tree :)

As i told you i have finished the Pegaso bust, named Denise. She is really a hawt paintjob. I did sculpt a bit on her, mostly the pink accessoire :) - I hope you like her, please beware naked breasts ahead:

Denise, Pegaso Models, Scale: 1:9

I am a bit sad that i wasn't really able to catch the black leather on the photos right, i mean how it is in natural. I guess this comes from the illumination for the photo. I hope you like her, the socket she is up to comes from sockelmacher.de :)

She is also up to CMON if you want to see her over there!

I just had a call on the telephone with the comissioner and i guess she will get a sweet tattoo on her back... i will post her with this tiny variation when it is done, but without another post on CMON.

For sure i got something else to tell: After i am having a new camera since some months, i gave the Toxic Girl from Fatal Personality another chance and managed to really make a better shot of her and that weirdo base. The model itself comes from Fatal Personality, but i am not sure if it is still available.

Two things i have on my heart will reposting her over on CMON:

- Sorry for the reupload, but those pictures are much better as the ones i did some while ago.

- She was meant to be a exchange miniature with Seb (automaton). She was meant to be and i wanted to give her to him at the World Expo 2011. After i have some struggle at the moment paying my bills from miniature painting, i simply asked Seb if i could paint something else up for him, because this Toxic Girl could save my booty these days when selling her. Seb just said that this is no problem at all... i am really thankful about this. Thanks Seb, but i hate breaking my word... ahh, strange planet i live on :)

Whatever, i hope you like her. Did i mention that the base is scratchbuild? No i didn't yet - it is scratchbuild and was a hell of fun, here is some kind of example on how i did this with old electronics: Building a base with old electronics

Toxic Girl, Fatal Personality, 28 mm 

Hope you like her! And sorry for the reupload with better pictures :)

If you want to leave a comment on her or simply take a look on what she is doing over at CMON (if she is dancing in the toxic wind or just hides on this fallout base) you are invited to follow this link!

Keep on happy painting!


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