Chimps Captain Maulg WiP 10

by Roman aka jar

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Guess who is back... right still C.hi.m.p!

Yesterday i a had a funny phone call session with Robert, ok we have this everyday but this one was special after he showed me some of his actual WiP Progress of Captain Maulg he is working on at the moment. But before you totally get into that posting don't miss out to catch this weeks Jungle News issue No02.

He really wanted to get some Feedback from my side, but i've warned him not to do so, because i would post the photos in the jungle. It is not that Robert don't want to post in here, you have to know he is a bit shy, busy and it takes months for him to find the right words he might be searching for... finding words to fit in this case isn't very hard for me so i choose to bring you some really great photos of Chimp's Captain Maulg again... hope you enjoy - i am simply stunned by its greatness and can't wait to see further progress - this is truely epic:

You won't believe me but we had some great ideas to make this very intresting. Can't wait to see it! Can't wait to see it! Can't wait to see it! Still ...

Drop a line to tell Robert what you might think, i told him very often that this is something i have never seen before but he doesn't believe me i guess... i can understand him, when i am thinking back to the sketch this project bases on:

And how it all started from a Resin Copy of Artefactory's Trollking Maulg:

Always remember - do some sketches :)

Keep on happy painting!

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