Hi Ape-lovers

by Der_Ben

posted by Mandrill aka Ben Komets

Hi Ape-lovers,

my name is Ben aka white rabbit aka mandrill,

A massive mandrill from the western jungle of berlin city..

first time I battled with my colourful weapons was back in 2003 in the far distant mountains of cologne … now some years later I still try to kick all animals asses all over the world.

my natural habitat goes from paris to poznan..

but the most important part living in the jungle is for sure not the battle, its the people you meet and friends you make, its about the ideas.. the journeys you make and your own development.

for that i´m so happy joining the jungle bunch... the army of the (almost) 12 monkeys..

monkey world domination plans ….GO APE!

new out here in the jungle, the massive mandril tries to show off with his scars..

some of the weird coloured scars he owned in many battles:


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