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by Roman aka jar

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I can't stand it. The Jungle is calling.

I did lent the computer from my neighbours today to write here. I miss this form of communication and big Kong misses his jungle - where to push all my energy in to? All these creative thoughts running through my head every second, all my ideas about colours... i simply feel my vibe concentrating not into the internet and that hurts a bit as i love the jungle, BUT the other direction everything powers in is some way i had wished for. Simply listening to Music and working on Projects, without a PC near. That is awesome, haha.

Thanks Jérôme and Hon for your adresses again - your parcels will go out tomorrow. Vesa and Daniel please sent me yours again via mail at JARHEAD at MASSIVEVOODOO dot COM, sorry for the troubles my dead computer causes. Again a sorry to those waiting me to answer or simply wait for me - some strange days to me too be sure about that - i'll be back at you when everything is fine again.

A moment of clearness and Truth has happened and it will hold on for 2 weeks now until i get a new computer in my home. I will keep things more like this, reducing the time i watch less stupid youtube videos and other stupid internet stuff you can spent your time with to simply enjoy time as it is. I even do sleep better - for me it is like having holidays for the first time i do miniature painting as a professional (4 years now) and it feels great - didn' 3 weeks to go to the Duke of Bavaria Competition in Ingolstadt and i even i got a lot of work to do i allow myself to use 3 these 3 weeks for showcasing my own work at the Duke. Last year i went there for the first time and it was great - i guess this year will be the same, but much more banana-heads around, haha. So what can i say... i got several things with me and some ideas up - the paths are chosen and beside i am still doing some comission work because living without isn't an option. As my jungle in here is also some kind of schedule to me i simply write a list of things i will have there with me:

- Cain and Abel (a gift to Andrea from Italy, finally we meet my friend!)
- Denise
- Dying Gaia
- and everything else i can finish until then... haha

I am on it. Full force. Taking the time, once a year, shortly before the Duke Competition and with not much time but that is the same situation like last year, this year it's even better without my computer running. So this will be the only update about my projects until the Duke is over. I hope you enjoy - let me know what you think:

The workbench is the place where the action is, you can tell by the way that i wrote the lines above that i learned this once more - this time i'll try to walk the line :)

My actual WIPs i am working at:

- A comission woodelf dragon for the gaming table (Games Workshop)

- A prototype of a unit of beasts of Slaanesh as a comission work. This prototype is close to be painted up, i have no actual Photos here on this computer, but there have things changed a lot. Done from Goblin Spider Riders and Demonettes, the things that happened are sculpted with Magic Sculpt, but not in for the talk about most of the things you may not see on the photo - time, time, time, bla, bla, bla... pictures of further sculpting, for example additional breasts and cleaned up areas maybe soon, sorry for the crappy pictures this time - not used to this computer:

- Next is one is a cow. A mighty cow. Dschinghis Cow. Work in Progress with green stuff, magic sculpt and bees putty, additional with an idea of a base of 2 candle things you normally put a candle in (damn i lost the word in the depths of my brain):

- I prepared a Review of Romeo Models new Huscarl in 54 mm, but not yet - will post it when i got my own computer. I already build a base and started painting it. Believe me, this is truely a great model - with not much experience in painting historical correct and without concerning about that i simply paint it up my way - don't want to offend anyone with this:

Work in Progress:

- Yesterday i finally found the reason why i like the Playstation Game Series "God of War" so much. For sure it is horrible brutal and that is not good but that isn't the intresting thing about this series, it's the overall epic style that game brings, like fighting on a body of a Titan... lovely and inspiring. So it was to me and my "Epic Mode Switch" is turned. i played around the base idea of Dschinghis Cow, epic style and it did grow to something which is calling me ... i want to do something epic, something really big, something really heavy, something to remember, something way too big, something comletly unusal ... i want to show how important a base is to me, i guess i have to enter this in diorama and maybe i call it "Gate to Heaven" someday but therefore you have the read further on...

 I planned to paint the Base with a tool i usually use for painting on canvas, full fury and some putty, some sandy banks on my mind for that base, maybe some snow storms around Dschinghis Cow... a base i guess most of the people of the hobby will not like because it is too big ... i don't care at all, can there be something too epic in our Fantasy Painting?

 After everything is fine again, the waves calm at my home and the Duke is over i will write a full Step by Step article about this project, at least i have promised it to my RwW (and i am not often using the word "promise")  as the plan changed from Dschingis Cow to the Arkvenger from Pegaso, in front of the Heaven's Gate:

 ...something for Vittorio, something he will hate me for, haha -everything pointed out on this idea for the Arky as this is really a setting me myself can imagine him... i will rock now... yeah, i feel insane, but it feels great!

Hope you like it!

Keep on happy painting!

PS: I did write a Colour Theory Article at the moment my Computer died. I saw that it is saved, maybe i'll catch some time to bring it to an end.


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