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by Raffa

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Hey there my dear miniature lovers!

What a feeling, i didn't post for such a long time. I'm still working on the redecoration of my flat but slowly i get onto the finishing line and so my head is free for miniatures again!
Before i let you start to read this post i want to tell you, because this is such a long post i tried to add some structure to it, if you don't like it this way drop me a mail or a comment here :)


Firstly i bought a new Brush, the Raphael 8404. After reading so much about this brush which is favoured by many well known miniature painters, especially french, i just had to try it...
What can i say... i LOVE it.
I have a much better control over what the brush actually does compared to the Winsor & Newton Series 7.
I think it's all a matter of personal preference but in my opinion i made a step forward by trying out this Brush.
The Raphael is softer that the W&N and for me seems to keep to brush tip better than the W&N.

Secondly, i ordered a new lens for my camera, it'll arrive in 2 days and i'm very curious how it will work with miniature photography... for people interessted it's a AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D... we will see how it compares to my old lens.

And third: This weekend i had a visit from Max also known as Leichtmatrose.
He's a really really good painter (he always tries to act as he doesn't know haha) and it was really nice to have you here ... as always you gave me good painting tips and talking about all kinds of stuff is always fun with you :)


Back to Miniatures.... at the moment i try to (doesn't always work...) concentrate on the upcoming Games Day in France and the Duke of Bavaria. As both events happen in the last weeks of april i don't have too much time for my actual projects. Hmmm, we will see how much i can finish, but i don't set myself under too much pressure.

If you like to, we can meet at one of those events!
Just drop me a mail, i would like to meet our readers!

Oh and to our foreign readers.... COME TO THE DUKE OF BAVARIA!!!
This event will kick some serious ass!!!
I garantuee that you won't be dissapointed (if you're dissapointed you'll get a banana on the next day!)

Finished Minis

Space Wolve
This weekende i tried out Non Metallic Metal for the second time.
The first time i've tried it on my Priest... i wasn't happy with the result.
This time i used my new skills and tried it again, still, not perfect but much better.
I think in the future i'll use it on some projects, it's not that bad :)
Here's the result:

You can vote for him on CMON if you like to :)

Horned Demon
Also finished is the second demon bust from Mati aka Badsmile :)
Nothing too fancy here, i leave it up to you guys to make something better (shouldn't be too hard!) :)

You can vote for him, too... on CMON!

Afro Zombie
This 54mm zombie was sculpted on Matis sculpting class.
I will try to get some resin copys of him so more people can paint him :)
When the copies are finished i'll drop some news here!
The weekend was a lot of fun and many stupid ideas ended in this zombie :)

That's it already with finished stuff... i feel so ashamed but i really couldn't geht a clear mind while my flat looked like a mess... but anyway there are still...

Work in Progress

Palace Guard
Finally my Palace Guard is almost finished, i think she'll be done in the upcoming week.
Here's a WiP Picture with a new braid, hair and more filing and stuff done...

The hair isn't as "deeply" sculpted as it looks on the photos (i added a lot of contrast on the sculpt pictures) so it will be nicer to paint.

When the resin copies arrive, i'll surely drop some post here so you know when it's aviable :)

Gigantic Squig
Ehrm, not so much to say about this project as it's still early WiP and i'm not completely sure where it'll end ;)

From the bottom to the tip of the saddle it's 52mm big.

Steampunk Goblin
I got this mini from Yvonne when we visited her at home after the painting class in Hamburg. I fell in love with this little fella and so she gave me this one :)

I started painting him and the first few coats of color are on the mini.
I've build a base for him but i'm not so sure about it, i went a little wild with some watch parts and so it may be too complicated for him... but time will tell!

Another Space Wolve Sargeant
Yeah, another project that won't make much progress.
I continued to add more detail, but still a loooooooong way to walk for this guy...

Closing words

Thank you for reading through this big shout from the capuchin lair.
I hope in the future i get to post more regular as the most of my stress is now gone.
Just wanted to show you that i'm still alive :D

If you like some of this stuff or want to tell me that all of this is total bullocks or i should post more often OR i should stop posting...... just drop a comment!



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