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Since a while I`m not very happy anymore about the quality of my photos. My painting skills became better and I think a normal photo doesn`t show the differences between a 30 hour paintjob and a 80 hour paintjob well enough.

So I considered how I can get better photos and remind on the fact that dispersed light makes better photos. Here you can see another way of to reach this by using the Roman`s light dispersing bucket, lol. Sorry for all that horrible english. I also don`t know if I can call the thing I built up a photobox, I just do it because I don`t know how to call it.

I tinkered something similar yesterday and thought it would be a good idea to share :-)

It is quickly done, cheap, easy to do but it won`t last for eternity. It is just a quick, cheap solution if you want to improve your pictures but don`t want to spend much time for it or pay a lot of money for professional equipement.

Okay here we go:

First take a cardboard box and cut out three side panels (walls?) of the box but leave the frame, because you need it for to fix the transparent paper. Put in something you want as the background for your photos. Now take a sheet of carton, cut out a frame, fix again some transparent paper on it and fix it with sticky tape at the frame of the cardboard box. In the midst of the frontside you need a window for the camera. You can make it bigger or smaller (depending on the position of the camera) if you use a small piece of transparent paper and fix it also with sticky tape. You can easily get it off again because the sticky tape doesn`t stick to much at the flat transparent paper.

I also put a sheet of transparent paper right before my lamp because I got better results then.
My photobox is very tiny because I hadn`t got enough of the transparent paper. I guess a bigger box works better and you also should use 2 lamps. I will buy a second lamp and will put one left hand and one right hand in front of the box. That should be perfect :-) For the moment I have only one lamp but as you can see on the last photo: The results are really a lot better just because of this tiny, cheap box.


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