Jungle News No04

by Robert aka muhani

Posted by Robert, muhani, chimp

Hello brush-swinging jungle-friends,

this time it's on me, the chimp, to bring you some jungle-news. As you might know, big kong's computer is still crashed, waiting for a new one. That's why I'm wearing his gorilla costume for today. It's hairy, smells like sweat and in fact it's way too big for a tiny chimp. But I take a big breath, close the zipper and lower my voice, just to tell you - there are no news!

No news today, except, well, kong posted an excellent article about colour-theory-thingies. And this without any technical equipment, only brain forces I guess. Wahoooooo ... Vooooodooooo! So, after reading the news, use this link to get straigth to the article and enjoy some theory, or just use your mouse-wheel.

Yeah! Raffa, your designs make me happy! Can't wait to wear my own one.
As told you the week before, please send us pictures of you wearing this stuff. (email)

I don't want to keep back the first "real-life-MVW-picture" from one of our readers and his girl-friend:

Posted with kind permissions.

So, if you don't have one - get one. Here!

Outch! Got no suggestions from the other apes for the music, as we usually handle this. I guess, nobody knew, who'd be the news-ape for today. I am. So, here are some tracks I like:

Sofa Surfers, remixed by an Austrian DJ. Old, but I like.
Sofa Surfers, remix

If you like the one above, you'll also like this one:
Kruder & Dorfmeister, speechless

Nice remix of a song from the 30s. Maybe the songtitle means: You look beautiful, to me.
Waldeck, bei mir bist du schön

Another one from Waldeck:
Waldeck, make my day

aaaaand one more. I like.
Waldeck, get up

News. A bit shorter than usual.
I'm trying to drink less coffee, do sports and grow up. Sometimes, I don't.

working, working, working ...

May the muse be with you


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