Kong Fu?

by Roman aka jar

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I simply miss it. Just do s silly posting without reason. I simply miss it. I even think it holds my mood down... so i do post something.

First a really weirdo song, check out this great video:
the whip - frustration

Yeah, thanks. Thanks to El Presidente, le capitano de la galaxia - out from the deep spirits of the japanese island he is writing a cool online diary about his first days there and is telling how much Martial Arts Swords Fighting Skill Points he has gained yet, for example. Really got to check it out... here is the Jungle's favorite issue til today:
Living in Japan - Games Workshop and Gorilla Curry

Check out more of this unique chance of being involved in his experiences, at least you have to, cuz he and only he will forever be the Galaxy's unique Emperor :) - here you go:
The President in Japan! Hoopy!

Muchas Gracias to another Jungle Tourist from the far city of Hamburg too. He did sent us some great photos of the powerful influance his new Massive Voodoo Workskirt makes on him... simply divine - thanks for sharing them with us, Jungle Pirate!

Simply divine!
I would fear you if i would be your brush... you are the master of it all, rock on buddy! Thanks a lot!

Why i did write this posting? Mmh.........................................
First my heart ached, if i thought about the option to avoid posting this. Then something really, really and really strange has happened. Someone was with me in this room. Silence. Sounds of a breathing stallion somewhere far away. A catfight nearby. Silence. Only the frogs at the pool were making party. A car. Suddenly Music everywhere and then he appeared - Mr. KAKADOODOO... like a ghost from Hawaii... a Tikki god (at this point BIG thanks to Aliengod from CMON for your parcel, it arrived all safely and i am totally stunned by all these great things... wow!)... Silence... Mr. KAKADOODOO wuz here:

We wish you a happy Eastern, we wish you a happy Eastern, we wish you a happy Eastern! Go search some eggs. if you are good in searching then it can be easy - i wish you all the best ...

Rock on and may you all have a happy weekend with maybe some hours of Happy Easter Painting time...

PS: Got in contact with Dawn from Apes finally. Everything is fine. She is still having some problems with a new homepage and her Paypal account but as soon as those issues are closed the donation from ths "Show some balls!" will be at hers. Just to keep everyone informed :)

Vesa, Vesa, Vesa... as soon as i get your email adress again your parcel will race the road. I am sorry about this, i lost all my email information last week. Urgs... brrzzz... off! (jarhead at massivevoodoo dot com)



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