Workshop Announcement

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

In June, 25th ~ 27th there will be another Painting class in Wertheim/Germany. If you are intrested in all the informations needed to participate feel inivited to follow this link and switch to german language: Painting Class in Wertheim

So far, keep on happy painting!

If you are intrested in our workshops (Sculpting and Painting), check those we already did here! PPS: If you are intrested in helping us organising a workshop in your hometown, where ever this might be on this planet let us know about it (Workshop can also be held in english for other languages we have to search a monkey that speaks it - a monkey that is lost in translation). Jungle is massive and there is nothing to fear, we are looking forward to your ideas and a chat about it. Please do only write if you are really intrested in a helping organising a workshop. Follow this link to the contacts!


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