Tutorial - Painting a freehand for the gaming table

by Roman aka jar

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Another Tutorial rolling in finally. The last weeks did pass without much going in here, but i guess this will change now. There are different things planned and organised in the deep bedrock of the jungle the apes are ready to rumble again. Maybe :)

This one is an old tutorial of mine i did about one and a half year ago. I simply do the translation now with a cup of coffee... it is about painting a freehand and how i went on this one. Be sure there will be other articles about this topic sooner or later as there are a million ways to do so.


I did a comission about 10 Khorne demons for the gaming table with an involved standard bearer and that standard should pop out of the unit. So i did a little sketch and preparation first.

I wanted to start with a pencil, drawing the motive on the banner - in theory it would look like this. First finding the middle of the banner by drawing a middle line and some ugly sketches of this idea on paper:

About the motive i was thinking about something like those ideas... always remember a sketch should not take more than 1 minute of your time - it is a sketch, something to hold on or look after while doing the real thing. Motive ideas, really evil demon faces, muhahahaaharrrr:

I did choose the third one. Ok, still theory i planned what i want to do when it comes to the model, a little colour sketch:

Wwwrrraaaooooorrrrr! Evil demon banner! Wwwrrraaaooooorrrrr! Wwwrr... ok, stop :)

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