Duke of Bavaria 2010 - Part 2

by Roman aka jar

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i am still a little stunned by the all the impressions of the past weekend, but i am trying to concentrate and bring up some more infos around this great weekend itself. This posting won't show a lot about the time in Ingolstadt, there will be others soon with a lot of great moments. As we had a painter's Camp at Raffa's from wednesday til monday during the Duke of Bavaria time we also finished some miniatures during the night time. I want to say big thanks to everyone who was with us and swung his brush these days, naming those great persons will be done now: Max, Sabine, Bianca, Kurt, Ben, Robert, Raffa and me. What a funny time we had i can only describe with one name: Ben Komets!!

I now will show you some of the miniatures that have been finished during these days or simply stood around to look at them while we had our nerdy Nerdcamp at Raffa's flat. Raffa was so kind to take pictures of them (also some videos, but this will be told another time):

by Raffa, Artefactory, Gold in Fantasy Master Painting

Guard of Sanguine
painted by Ben, Games Workshop, 28 mm, painted for fun in the night painting sessions

Zulu Warrior
painted by the Maxican (a new Ape in the jungle!!), Pegaso Models, 75 mm, Silver in Historical Master Painting

painted by Ben, Games Workshop, 28 mm, painted for fun in the night painting sessions

painted by Roman, Helldorado, 28 mm, Gold in Fantasy Master Painting

Lord Mazdamundi
painted by Ben, Games Workshop, 28 mm, Slayersword Winner France '09

The Mexican
painted by Maxican (the new Ape brother!!), Pegaso Models, 1:10 

Tallarn Rider
painted by Ben, Games Workshop, 28 mm, won silver at Games Day Spain '09

Major Drake Dreadful
painted by Ben, Smog, 54 mm

God's must be crazy
painted and sculpted by Raffa, 28 mm, won Fantasy Master Open and Best of Show / Fantasy

My latest painted Huscarl won a Bronze medal in historical Master Painting, don't ask me why :)

We did paint some more miniatures but we still have to make some photos. At this point i would love to give my credits to everyone who won something, but most impressive was the fact that the number of entries increased to 900 at this years show. That is truely the biggest win of all. Oli, if you are reading this, you are totally awesome, your Fantasy Master Gold is well deserved!

So far, read you soon with Part 3 :)


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