Let's pray...

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman

... to whatever god or greater being you want to pray but you gotta do it as the ash clouds of the volcanic blast in iceland totally confuses the european airport departures... and Ben and Raffa want to go to Paris this weekend to Games Day... oh dear, Ben is also in the Jury... oh dear... Now everyone please join our mass prayers for their flight to go...

While doing so you can listen to my songs of the day:

Flogging Molly - If i ever leave this world alive

Satan, lend me a dollar

Not much going on in the jungle lately, except this anoying ebay auctions  all the time and finally i had some good red wine since a long time yesterday night... wow, that was great, haha.We are a bit in hectic about Games Day France and the upfollowing Duke of Bavaria next week... strange days... it all gets weird.

Thanks to Michael for sending me this - this is how i felt this morning after the good red wine:

 And i have some previews... some strange things i am working on at the moment. Just to show that it is not boring at my workbench these days... it is hardcore and i love hardcore :)

Keep on happy painting!

PS: I wear a skirt and it is called a kilt!


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