Duke of Bavaria 2010 - Part 1

by Raffa

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Hey everyone!

*phew* after one week of hardcore painting, staying awake too long, eating unhealthy food, driving around in a big car, gazing at superb miniatures in way too hot rooms and other nerdy stuff we finally survived the Duke of Bavaria 2010 :)

Thanks to Bianca for taking so many photos!

What a GREAT time! Everyone who wasn't there: You really missed a incredible event, be sure to come next year.
The Miniatures there were so amazing it made me speechless, it took me 4 breaks before i could finish looking through the Pegaso display.... else i would have started to cry...

Oh and not just the miniatures were amazing, everyone was so friendly to each other that every minute on the Duke was pure joy. Meeting new people and see others you haven't seen in a while is always a great thing. At this point i hope everyone got home safely and everyone else could enjoy this event the same way i did :)

We will post new pictures, videos and stuff when we'll finish/find/have it.... yeah you read right, videos :)

Stay tuned!


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