Miniature running through my head all day and night...

by Roman aka jar

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... you can believe me that hurts a lot and is really noisy. First i have finished a comission work of another Ultramarine Terminator Captain, which normally is used to be the Imperial Fist Captain Lysander, please click to enlarge:

Ultramarine Terminator Captain, 28 mm, Games Workshop

It is meant to be part of a long time Ultramarine Character Comission work. There is now a display base with included wounded standard bearer still to be done, but time and the muse will do this together. He is painted to fit together with the models i have done earlier, here to see in my cabinet, shot done with lightning of the camera, please click to enlarge:

Another story is the one of the following model. It is a Wood Elf Standard Bearer. Painted this one up about a year ago as a comission piece for the gaming table. Unfortanetly the comissioner never returns my mails after i did finish her. I did wait now for about a year after trying to reach him and now i sell her on ebay after he only paid the model so far...

If the comissioner returns he will get his figure back. Bought a new one at GWs :)

She was painted up for gaming purposes in a cold winter colour scheme with blue, click to enlarge:

Wood Elf Standard Bearer, 28 mm, Games Workshop

So far from my table today. Readyou when the time rolls by... Keep on happy painting all around!


She is now up to ebay. Follow this link if you are intrested -LinkY!

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