I am...

by Roman aka jar

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... really a lazy typer these days in the jungle. Praying failed, the vulcano was stronger, sad but somehow everything happens with a reason. Strange in here i know.
I think it might get back tosome kind of normal after the Duke of Bavaria next weekend.
Strange days :)

I feel like this these days... somehow, having no idea if i make it in time with my projects for the Duke, still got no MVW my own ... ahh, but i got the new Computer since Friday and i am completly overwhelmed by all the work i did on my old one, no idea where to start the new one, haha... let's keep it spartanic and lazy typing-mode, but i guess i could show some WIPs again, after i am preparing a step by step article about the Arkvenger :) - damn i am too stupid to do everything at the moment with the new computer - to show you them i need to install stuff and things and i stay lazy with that - i go painting :)

Mexican Dancing Horses in my head :)

Keep on happy painting!


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