Kong throwing banana out of the jungle...

by Roman aka jar

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Tonight ... mmh, i guess there won't be any news. I am still off the hook and waiting to the arrival of the new computer. I was informed today that even they had everything in stock (shown at the homepage) while i ordered that the shipment now has delay, because they don't have everything in stock. The great point is that they already got the payment. Freaky world sorrounding my jungle of happines...

As i am getting stuck in emails these days, because i can look at them not really regularly i want to say sorry for all kinds of delay from my side. Sorry for using this place right now ... hey, there is no need to say sorry for the Kong in here so why am i saying this all the time - me don't know :)

RwW you are a freak... what the heck?!! Your parcel arrived... and i am speechless - Arky is work in Progress, tutorial later on... thanks for your gifts, wow, uhm... speechless... and muchas gracias for your everytime schedule reminder, i am now up to after around 10 people kicked my gorilla booty ;)

Aliengod - Tiki Gods are great, so great, so damn great! Thanks to you :)

Vesa i still need your adress!! :)

Victor, your parcel is shipped :)

BIG THANKS to Ridvan and Weisern for their jungle support (sorry Weisern, everything went crazy when my computer died and i lost the email on my old hard disk!)...

Sebastian, you also make me speechless. Your parcel arrived and i will rock as soon as the muse kisses me - Thanks a lot! I'll mail you as soon as everything is fine with my new PC.

One of my actual scheduled WIPs... painting8 hours a day - that is really fine, morning kisses by the muse and a whole day to use... yeah! Hasslefree, 28 mm... El Capitano... good music... sorry for the crappy pic, but you can click it to enlarge and show version of crappy picture BIG, favourite colour mix today was hawk tourquise with golden yellow and kommando khaki, no idea why i am writing this, picture will be next:

No news... that's all! Hide'n'paint again, laptop back to the most wonderful neighbours of all world!

Keep on happy painting and check out the Show your booty Contest! We promise you'll have so much fun during the photoshooting!



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