For the sun...

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

This one goes simply out to my man Raffaele and the Sun... thanks to both for existing on this planet and so close to me :)

Here you go:
Carl Douglas rocks!

Have a wonderful day... and be fast as lightning whatever you do to have painting time sooner. Cowabanga!!

Keep on happy painting!

PS: Somehow i can't live my life with too much rules. There is no rule that can't be ignored (sure there are, but those rules are called modesty and respect)... maybe less rules in the jungle, that was the reason why i did start it all... less rules ... mmh... i guess the chapuchin is ready to attack from a high palm tree, ready to jump on the kongs back to hit him with stone because he is breaking his own rules and does post spasm... i meant spam. Whatever... Kong's back is B.I.G. :) - love ya bro'! 


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