MV wishes you a happy new year!

by Roman aka jar

The MV Team wishes you all
a beautiful new years eve!

Cheers! Skol! Prost! Wáshe zdarówje! Sláinte! Santé!Jámas! Skål! Kippis! Şerefe! Proost! Op uw gezonheid! Saúde! Tim-Tim! And many more!

Josua and Roman finished judging 2018's Massive Voodoo Challenge and you will see the results very soon in 2019! Thank you all for your patience!

The MV's Seminar Roadmap 2019 is online
and a good bunch of students already signed up!

If you want to be part in some of the best hands on workshops in the miniature world sign up soon!
For more information and to sign up check this link:

See you in 2019!!

Tutorial: Create a Flying Strip (2° chapter)

by Daniele "Found" Trovato


Create a Flying Strip (second chapter)

Hello to all sculptors and painters !!
This is Daniele for you :-)

Today I want to show you a very short step-by-step about 

"how to create a piece of flying cloth".

This actually is the second chapter of a little tutorial by Roman you can find here:

The main idea

I want to insert some random clothes on my dragon :-)

Actually, this is a technique very used in modeling, and the old sculptors will find it also almost obsolete, but it is still an efficient technique.

My idea was to create a piece of cloth that "meets" the dragon during his flight.
To do this I have performed these simple steps:

1) I created a piece of balsa in order to "simulate the wing of the dragon"

2) I glued this piece of wood to a woodstick

3) I bought several at the brico store in my city

4) I glued them meticulously on a plastic bottle I had in my studio using some pattafix

5) I glued two pieces of "magic sculpt".
The MS is really a good putty (especially for overlapping sculpting), but the best material to create a thin piece of clay is the putty "A + B".
But if you want, you can also use the milliput with great results.

6) I laid it on a piece of baking paper, with some talcum powder

7) With the use of a rolling pin I created a very thin piece of strip

8) I cut it as I wanted shape

9) I placed it on the "fake wing" making sure to fit it between the pieces of wood, in order to create the folds of the fabric.

10) about 10 minutes under the lamp and you're done. I cut extra clothes because it was too long in my opinion.

Final result:

I hope this helps somebody :-) :-)
Thank you

Keep Sculpting

Link and resources:


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Tutorial: 3D Sculpting for Beginners - Sketch your own Bust in Digital Way

by Daniele "Found" Trovato

Sketch your own Bust in Digital

(Introduction to Digital Sculpting for Miniatures Lover)

by Daniele "Found" Trovato

Hello mates,
this is Daniele :-)

This article and video is designed to all who never have sculpted something in digital and would like to start doing it. I'll explain you the basics of ZBrush and how to create your own sketch as a bust.
My idea is to give you the essential info to get started.
No philosophical approach, no excess words. Simple and direct. :-)

Let's begin :-) :-)

Why digital sculpting

Let's start from the beginning: I am a traditional, non-digital sculptor.
You can find a big article about "how to become a miniature sculptor" here:

Daniele, so, why do you want to explain how to sculpt something in digital?

First of all, this is a personal consideration, let's try to clarify: who is a sculptor?

Definition from Merrian-Webster Dictionary:

sculptor (  noun  ) sculp·​tor  | \ˈskəlp-tər 

an artist who makes the action or art of processing (as by carving, modeling, or welding)
plastic or hard materials into works of art  with his hands

I'm sure that probably, I will raise a big sensation with my sentence, but it is only my opinion, nothing else. If you make a 3D sculpture, in my opinion, you are not a sculptor: you are a Digital Artist. 

Sculpting manually, or doesn't matter: this is art!

The proof of this is that many 3d sculptors can't sculpt something traditionally.
Conversely, a traditional sculptor knows well how to sculpt in 3d. 

It doesn't mean to diminish talent, nor is it a provocation.
They are two very similar processes, but also very different.

Try to learn traditional sculpting before digital: the process is similar!

Let's see together the advantages and disadvantages of 3D sculpture compared to traditional sculpture:


  • Very easy for beginners, you have "only" to learn the software to get started.
  • You have SIMMETRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!! Very easy approach!
  • Faster than traditional sculpting
  • You can print your model on different sizes
  • You don't need to study hours of human anatomy (it helps of course)
  • You can use mesh pre-sculpted from other digital artist
  • You can use reference WHILE you're sculpting
  • You don't have to frustrate yourself in "which material use to sculpt" :-)
  • You don't dirty your hands
  • You can create your sculpture BEFORE posing it (symmetry helps) !
  • Less mess on your desk (not mine)
  • Cheap, until you print in 3D your models
  • Infinite Levels of details compared to traditional

  • If you're not able to sculpt traditionally you're not a sculptor (my personal opinion), you're a Digital Artist.
  • More expensive when you print your model in 3D.
  • Less engagement during the sculpting process
  • You don't "feel" your sculpture under your hands
  • You don't dirty your hands :-)
  • You can't imagine the real sculpture finish until you print it!
  • If the 3d printer is not high quality printer, you'll have a blurry sculpture, not good. (unfortunately high quality printer are so expensive, also if you use a service)
  • You need to buy Zbrush/software in order to create something
  • Your sculpture is not handmade, you created it with your computer
  • Less originality?
  • Boring sculpture?
  • Less fun?
  • Flat sculpture? 
Let's discover the Video Tutorial for Super-Newbies :-)
In this video i want to introduce you in ZBrush.
What is Zbrush and why is the most used software in digital sculpting.
We'll explore:

  • The User Interface and Brushes settings Let's explore the basics of ZBrush UI . You'll learn how to customize it in a faster way and what are the most important Brushes to sculpt something.
  • What are the most used and important brushes
  • Playing with Brushes Explore the different brushes you can use and discover the different results.
  • Understanding Dynamesh
  • Understanding Brushes
  • Let's Sketch So let's start to play with your imagination

The Video Tutorial:

Traditional or Digital? 

(personal opinion and personal consideration)

Can anybody sculpt  in 3D?

Even if you don't have the human anatomical knowledge, with 3D you can already get some good results.

Obviously, studying anatomy is never wrong, but this is true in any figurative art.

Many people think that 3D is more simple: this isn't completely true!

Is it easier to sculpt in 3d?

Although many digital artists will never admit it, in my opinion, yes (compared to traditional of course).

And I repeat: it is not a way to reduce talent.  
There are digital artists who are real masters.

The only thing is that, to be a complete sculptor, you have to be able to sculpt something traditionally.

In these period, many traditional sculptors, have moved to 3D. 
But they are really sculptors, they only changed the medium.

Otherwise, if a guy starts playing with the tablet and Zbrush, and creates something in 3D, just ask him "ok, buddy, now could you do the same with your hands?" :-) if the answer is no, it means that he is not a "complete" sculptor.

In the last period somebody  hired me to teach in a School for Digital Artists, because the school wants their students to have a traditional sculpture base: this is another proof of what i said and there's no great satisfaction for me.

If a 3D sculptor is not able to sculpt traditionally, it's like a digital designer could not draw with a pencil. Is it plausible?

Could an illustrator not able to draw using a pencil??

Final Thoughts

Obviously, this is only a little video that introduce you in the 3d sculpting world.
If you have question, don't hesitate to ask me, i will help you fast if i can.
If you liked this video, so give me your feedback and i will create other videos like this one, specific into other parts of Zbrush Features.

Just remember.... HAVE FUN!

Keep Sculpting

Review: Private Coaching with Johannes

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle of Massive Voodoo,
some weeks ago, Johannes was visiting Roman for a two day private coaching.
Sometimes pictures speak more than words ...

Johannes did learn to enjoy painting more than before in these two days of the coaching. All based around color theory, a smooth work flow and the color compositional rules of athmospheric painting.
Johannes prepared the base for the seminar and we both improved it even more during the beginning of the coaching. After this we worked our way through heavy impact of color theory and painting techniques. Then we applied it. The project was not finished in these two days, but all of Johannes' questions got answered :)

Happy student, happy teacher :)

If you want to join one of my seminars,
feel invited to check back with

Do you want  your own private coaching and all your miniature painting questions answered?
Feel free to contact me via: jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com, please be aware that I am already making appointments for early 2019 and that I am only quite fast in answering my emails. Thank you for your patience!

Marie Fleur Entry Updates! - Information

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle friends,

I would like to excuse myself :)

While organising and handling
all your entries and mails for the MV Challenge 2018 I did forget some entries for the Marie Fleur and Pinguin Challenge. They are now included.

All entries - Marie Fleur:

All entries - Pinguins:

If you are still missing yours,
please contact me with photos of your entry and forward your initial email to me via jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com

Judging Information
Josua and I will do the judging work tonight and we will annonce the winners of the MV Challenge 2018 between Christmas and New Years Eve. Stay tuned!

Review: Private Coaching with Jörg

by Roman aka jar

"I try to get some input once or twice a year by visiting classes or having a private coaching, hence it was about time to visit Roman in Augsburg again.

Deciding the theme for this coaching took me longer than usual.

Obviously it’s always nice to choose a bust or miniature and to paint it under the observing eye of a great tutor like Roman. You try to leave your comfort zone and learn something new. Afterwards you have something to remember those days in your display cabinet.

That being said I am just beginning the transition from beginner to intermediate level. I paint a lot, but mostly gaming miniature. 

Thanks to Roman & Massive Voodoo I progressed a lot during the last year, but in certain areas I had the feeling of standing still. 

In the end I decided against a big project and instead had chosen one main with three sub topics to touch upon without having a single project which would combine everything.

My main theme and sometimes still my biggest problem is getting the light right on various materials or body parts. I did choose cloaks (as an example for fabrics), Metals and Faces.

As a preparation I did choose some miniatures where we could try on certain parts. As well for the 32mm faces I purchased some heads from the company hornet in order to try there.

Further I did choose some recently painted miniatures as a demonstration of my current skills. This should give Roman a good overview and a starting point. 

As usual the communication with Roman ahead of the coaching was already excellent.

Finally the day arrived.

It is always great coming to Augsburg and seeing Roman. We started there with some detailed feedback about the bust and miniatures I brought with me.

Afterwards Roman explained his plan how to progress during the next two days and this did sound really good.

We started with cloaks/cloth and Roman explained during the next hours two painting techniques. Especially preparing the miniature with the Grisaille-technique had helped me a lot to understand forms and light situations. This is something I am pretty happy to add to my toolkit going forward.

We continued with faces. Here we painted three different examples faces in different variations/styles and as well this has laid a real solid groundwork for me going forwad. 

Finally we combined all techniques in one miniature and where working on NMM and metal reflections on the same. 

I got great feedback from Roman during those two days and I really had the feeling I finally understood certain things (thanks to my teacher). Romans preparation was really good(as always).  I liked especially that for every topic of the coaching Roman had an example miniature as well, where he showed me similar solutions/progress to my problems painted by him.

What should I say? It´s always great to have Roman as a teacher. His talent is excellent and his explanations are really a game-changer. Highly recommended and hope to see you next year again my friend!"

- Jörg

Yummy, yummy!

Thank you, Jörg!

If you want to join one of my seminars,
feel invited to check back with

Do you want your own private coaching and all your miniature painting questions answered? ________________________________________________________________________________ Feel free to contact me via: jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com, please be aware that I am already making appointments for early 2019 and that I am only quite fast in answering my emails. Thank you for your patience!