News: Seminar Roadmap 2019 - Update

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle Painters,

News on the horizon.
Two more seminars marked for Augsburg in the first half year of 2019:

One Beginner Class in Augsburg, Germany (german)
One Advanced Class in Augsburg, Germany (german)

See the roadmap or the update here for details:

If you want to join one of my seminars,
feel invited to check back with

Augsburg, Germany

// 8th February -9th February 2019 - 1,5 day Material Masterclass
german languag, 4/12 - Information PDF

Hamburg, Germany

// 23rd February 2019 - 1 day OSL Masterclass
german language  5/18 - Information PDF

Graz, Austria

// 15th March -17 March 20193 day Beginner Workshop
german language 2/28 - Information PDF

Augsburg, Germany

// 26th April - 28th April - 3 day Beginner Workshop
german language, 0/28 - Information PDF

Augsburg, Germany
// 10th May - 12th May - 3 day Advanced Class
german language, 0/12 - Information PDF

St. Albans, UK

// 28th June - 30th June 2019  3 day Beginner Workshop
english language - to sign up, write an email to: journeymanminiatures---at---gmail---dot---com
0/28 - Information PDF

Arvika, Sweden

// 19th July - 21st July 2019 - 3 day Basing Class
english language, special version* 0/16 - Information PDF
*including an inspirational trip to an amazing car graveyard on Friday, more information via mail


If you have any questions or want to sign up please send a mail to Roman:

See further seminar describtions below, in my curriculum or via the PDFs.
Thank you!


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