Kong Fu?

by Roman aka jar


back from Berlin. What a great week! Really special thanks to mati, his queen and his prince. Keep doing the good you do, you are great. I am really looking forward to hear, read, see you again :) - this week was my pleasure even the big cities are not the best place for the big shy kong.

I guess in here it will get a little slower. On Thursday i am away again, 10 days in Colougne by doing 2 Painting classes. I have no idea on how much time i am able to spent on MAssIVeVooDoO, sometimes jungle is massive, you know.

I'd really like to post some more tutorials and WIPs but time is slipping... fading away. Check the Show some balls competition information, if you didn't yet and go form a ball with some putty to help some apes.

So far from my side of town - always remember Happy Painting!

Jungle drums from Berlin...

by Roman aka jar

On the road home in a second... what a wonderful week :)

Read you soon and keep on happy painting!

Weekend Playlist Adding XII

by Roman aka jar


another short shout out of Berlin. Music that did inspire me during the week:

Happy Painting! Berlin is wonderful and big.

SHOW SOME BALLS Painting Competition Rules and Prizes

by Roman aka jar


now here goes the intresting part - Rules and Prizes for the upcoming painting challenge to help some apes.

_______What to do for you?

Form a ball with your hands in whatever seize you like and whatever putty you may find. A sphere and paint it up. for example as an planet of lava or a tennis ball. Just let your imagination do the job on how to find your ball version. Forming a ball goes like this!

Give it a try, at least we think everyone can participate in this contest, oh yes you can form a ball, no excusements, no need to buy new minis or spent months on this project - so we are really looking forward to your entries. Show that you got balls, hehe :)


- For every entry you do, 1 $ is donated to Dawn and her Apes over here by us!

- It is not allowed to resculpt the ball, i mean for example do a mouth or eyes in it or building a tank around it, like "Uh! In this tank is my ball!" Fail!".

- It is not allowed to cut something off from your ball.

- The ball seize does not matter, smaller ones are easier to handle.

- You have to sculpt your ball/sphere on your own, it is not allowed to use a ball you did bought somewhere or stole from the billiard table.

- It is not allowed to glue something on the ball. Simply a painted ball.

- Sockets are allowed where your ball may be pinned on.

- We will not show the balls we did recieve until the competition is over.

- It should stay a clear sphere and your way of winning is the result of you having fun on this ball with your brush. Show some creativity.

- A single individual may enter 2 times, not more, not less - so you have to entries if you can do so!

- Your entry(ies) must reach us to the deadline of March the 10th in the Year 2010 without a time standing here, until the last one of us goes to sleep, i would propose. Please write  an email to one of us:


Please write the email topic as described:

"Show some Balls! Your name"

Don't forget to add your picture of your ball creation to this email.


 - You may take a photo of your ball often as you like, at minimum, we need 3 photos from you. Front, side and back - guess that was clear. If you want to do a collage from more pictures please feel free to do so, showing the above mentioned point of views of your ball.

Pictures seize:

500 pixels wide, not more. The length is to choose as you like. The file seize should not be over  800 KB.


- The Jury consists of the MASSIVE VOODOO jungle brothers and sisters!

- We may take some days after the closing of the entry countdown to meditate some moments to find our professional oppinions being formed to one piece in the end. Please be patient with us!


1st Place:
A crate of beer, that will be delivered to you through Paypal in form of money to buy one crate of beer if you are old enough to drink beer in your country, otherwise you have to buy some soda.

2nd and 3rd Price
Two unique, personal packed Careboxes will be given away from us.

Careboxes? Boxes with things in them to care for you and your hobby, like things to build up bases, things we found while running thtough the jungle, maybe some bitz and way more stuff i guess you may think of. Also you find in everyone of them a bust socket by Sockelmacher.de. Thanks for the support.

If your ball sucks the most (for example if you do an egg) a banana will be send to you and also one suprise gift will be sent to one random participant.

So we have 5 prices in here, i guess a bit different then most others, but i guess this could become really something good for some apes over in South Africa. Thanks to PK-Pro for adding some bases to the price list which will be added to the 5 prices randomly.

Picture of Bases and bust sockets:


If you still got some please feel free to comment here and ask them!

Jungle is MASSIVE!

Keep on happy painting!

Jungle Drums from Berlin...

by Roman aka jar


SHOW SOME BALLS Painting Competition

by Mati

We would like to announce the brand new "Show some balls !" Painting Competition.
The competition is all about balls as the title let's you guess. Sculpted balls, spheres if you want.

Those balls are to be painted and entered in the competition. We figured everybody could sculpt a ball out of whatever putty, so there is no excuse not to participate. Everyone is invited to join.

There'll be some prices for the first three winners and the least convincing entry will get a banana.

And not enough, MASSIVE VOODOO will be giving a dollar per entry of yours to help the ape friend foundation:

save the apes !

You are also invited to donate.

More information to come soon......

Gaia Reminder...

by Roman aka jar


short message about the auctioned "Gaia 2.0" - bust... the auction is over soon and ends in about 6 hours, have a look the amount of the auction is for a good purpose...


Still playing bongo bongo in Berlin... :)


Jungle drums from Berlin...

by Roman aka jar

Ouchy... i think Berlin did swallow me, took me in her arms and hugs me - little Kong in a big, big city... completly stunned by everything...

Yesterday i did meet Ben Komets and i was nervous like on my first school day, but without a reason, such a damm cool guy... ah, i love Berlin i think... not much time for writing in here as you may see :)

Keep on happy painting!

Massive Changes on MASSIVE VOODOO

by Roman aka jar


or you may also this the jungle drums from Berlin. Finally reached there yesterday, BIG thx to my man Andi for rocking the road to Johnny Cash and Elvis and for this wonderful hour of pure melancholie with the artist Hans Soellner on a shiny, rainy road with lights from the cars around... there are those moments you know, where this is some kind of listening to your soul - thanks for sharing this one with such a great placement... looking forward to see you this week in this crazy big city :)

Massive Changes? Ohhhh nooo not more Apes without bananas going crazy in the jungle to sweet electro bongo vibes... oh no, you might think or not, if you don't then there is a reason to read a bit further down below...

Arrived in Berlin. After 5 Minutes i had the feeling of being at home sweet home again. Awesome people in here, guess you felt how speechless you made me - i am thankful of these hours spent here with you like you wouldn't think...

And there he was... mati, the BADSMILE. After knowing him a while through the strange paths crossing the internet and really enjoyed moments of a soulful chat. There he was, with his very nice queen and his little prince and ... yeah, what can i say, he was as i did knew him from the internet, one of the nicest persons i ever know... just in real! That's very cool - bow!

 I also knew before that MASSIVE VOODOO is always growing, a jungle can't stand still or it wouldn't be a jungle... Now another Ape crosses the path of the Big BananA search of life and wonders...

Mati, welcome my friend - i am honoured to have you here with us...

Punk Funk!


What is this thing called mistery...

by Roman aka jar

... why should it make a fool of me?

Sorry for posting this in here but my heart aches by looking at this serious sniping going over on CMON, the picture is actual not active, so all the votes came from this blog - i don't really care about it anymore when sometimes i got the feeling of some sniper activity at my miniatures, i don't care about numbers above miniatures, i care about the photos and the minis - i got balls like coconuts in that subject (trained hard you know) and really someone sniping around simply ain't got them...

Mkay... this night grows old and i got to travel to Berlin tomorrow to visit one of the Happy Painting guys on this planet a bit further away... his balls are heavy as bowling balls and i still got to get my bags ready, guess tomorrow before being picked up, haha... ok, not really intresting i know... coming to the essence of my blabla... mystery... serious sniping from a ballless brain - check this out:


I had to post this, because Raffa is a really good friend of mine, a brother on the brush, so i had to post this - even i feel my balls heavy - it really seems to be raining all the time in those tiny hearts of those snipers... what a wasteful use of time, haha ... get some balls ;)

At the moment i did post this the linked "CoolminiorNot" got a 7.7 with 31 votes... ah, my balls are itching...

Now what you think? Yeah, i am weirdo... Let the sun in your heart:)

Keep on happy painting!

PS: This message in banner format:

I am not sorry for those who might feel angry or ashamed now... :)

Keep on happy painting! I needa go to bed, get my stuff packed tomorrow and always remember a number over a picture which shows a painted miniature
shouldn't be your every days sorrow, really not...


Subject 14 - Day 213

by Raffa

Hey everyone!

Phew! Finally i finished this piece which will be the first (but not chronologically...) in a set of miniatures that'll tell a small story in a fictional universe.

Day 213:
Salival and S14 were on a little trip to the old fair collecting some funny balloons...
They grow together each and every day.
It's some kind of love, the kind of love king kong had for ann, to protect her like a little sister, little does he know about the powers that sleep inside her...

The Miniatures used were Rose by Hasslefree and a heavy converted King Maulg from Kraken Editions - ArteFactory.

The Gun was scratchbuild based on a GW gun (i think from a sentinel) and the rest was sculpted and scratch build (harness, gas mask, gastank, balloons).

If you want to see some more WiP Pictures, just write it in the comments!
You want to vote on CMON? Sure! Clicky Clicky..

I hope you like it! :)


Kong Fu? Tutorial Wishes...

by Roman aka jar


as i told you before there is another posting to hide the Happy Hippo from the eyes of my girlfriend... damm shouldn't write this in the first sentence up here, haha.

Ok, what brings me to another Kong Fu?

I guess it is about the Private Message boxes that are going to fill up lately around some places - really recieving a lot of questions lately about how i had done this and that or how i do this or how i would do this... and i am really sorry not to have the energy to answer them all. So if you are one of those where an answer will never drop in - please be sure i am not doing this because i don't want too... it is only the fact that my spare time is limited or i am limiting it myself in the time i spend on the internet...

I am trying to bring up everything i could think of or you did ask for or might ask in the future on this blog here someday - that is why i did it, to concentrate everything at one place, to get things right with my time management. So please don't feel not seen by me when you don't get an answer back... it isn't meant that way...

Now i got the idea of this posting - it also will be linked easy reachable in the future...  

The Tutorial Wish place...

At this posting there is nothing important in my words here, except for that saying sorry above as i did. This place is yours - for asking about Tutorials you really want to see up to MASSIVE VOODOO... just drop a comment what you miss or ever wanted to know and we could make a little schedule plan out of it...

For sure, we can not promise things on time, being damm good tutorials in the end or as fast as we can... things happen when they do and as you have seen since the start of MASSIVE VOODOO i guess here has happened a lot.

Just be patient with us and drop us a line in which you shortly tell us what you'd like to see...

Here is a list what drops in and with which we keep us informed about what we could do or can't at the moment - just for organising...

Planned Tutorials:

- Translating some older ones, i guess still a lot... :)
- Further Painting Technique Explanations
- Leather
- Detail work / Bringing a miniature to an end
- Camouflage
- Painting skin in fully detail / different variations
- Doing water bases
- colour theory
- Painting black
- Painting white

.... you may add more :)


Now it is up to you to add something to this area... keep them rolling in by posting a comment...

Hope this is a good idea, for me it feels good as i got a bit paniced lately about the high risen numbers of incoming questions... again sorry - i mean this from the heart...

Keep on happy painting!
Roman and the MASSIVE VOODOO Jungle boys...

PS: Link added to the start of the Tutorial section... 

Happy Hippo finished...

by Roman aka jar

Ok, now i am really serious - painted this little fella up as a birthday gift to my girlfriend... she now lives with me and miniature madness since 5 years and this is the first miniature i am not scared of trying to give it to her to her birthday...

The model itself comes from a Kinder-Surprise-Egg and was given to me as funny chocolate gift from my neighbour. She really didn't know what she had done - she really made a Happy Kong this day, with this little guy in the chocolate egg...  i had to paint him and finally i got the right reason for it. Her birthday is on Sunday and i am really looking forward to give it to her... i can't tell you how much fun i had painting him. I also got my girlfriend to do sculpt another rose, after she had done one in wax and bigger a while ago - i got her to do something for this little fella, that is so cool... check him out - really something different, haha.

Happy Hippo - Ferrero - repaint

As i do know my girlfriend very well i also know that she isn't looking in here after all... i hope so... nah, i am trying to post as soon as i can something above this...

For sure the Happy Hippo is also up to CMON!

Keep on happy hippo... ähm, yapp...

Weekend Playlist Adding XI

by Roman aka jar

Another week gone...
Another moment left in thoughts...
Another silent moment of Happieness...
Another week spent with the joy of music...

This weeks favorites from the Kong:

Keep on happy painting!

PS: The complete playlist may be found on the above navigation bar under "jungle drums" - thanks for Raffa (Picster) for adding it - it looks breathtaking my dear :)

A hero?

by Roman aka jar

Simply wow... 

Nothing more to say...


Tutorial - Weathering Overview

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong


this Tutorial shall bring you an overview over the different thoughts i have made to the chapter of "Weathering". If you are searching for inspiration or just don't know what i am talking about - check this:

Weathering Inspiration

Ok, now i'd like to start with making something rusty...

Making something rusty

... like this'n'that:

As visual aids, I take 2 times Ogerstomacharmoury from Games Workshop where I want to test different variants.

It is still a little experiment, so to speak (just for me) - the preparation of the metal parts is therefore in my eyes rather unimportant, there will be single tutorials about this stuff somedays - enough trivial talk - we proceed to action:

Made white over black like in described in this Tutorial.

Base colour with basic metal and additional "dirty water" glaze

Mithril Silver was the basis of this story. Since I always have a water tank with so-called "dirty water", from washing out a thousand brushes over the years i want to left some words about it - there on the ground is the perfect match to collect vast amounts of old pigments and certainly there might live one or the other evil kraken monster down there. After the metal basic was dry i brought some of this old water over the objects to darken down the bright shine of mithril silver.

Experiment with Schorched Brown Glaze

On both plates a highly water-based glaze of Schorched Brown was drawn, but before you go on the plates always wipe the brush on a tissue from most of its water. This is how the glaze looks:

Bringing this up left me with this result:

Dirt experiment with "Smoke"

What you need:

- A piece of foam from a blister (Sponge!)
- The object
- Vallejo Model Color Smoke (70939)

Brought on the surfaces with the sponge, used as my brush, dabbed:

What have i done? I dabbed the foam/sponge in the color, and used the randomly created effect the sponge forces me to on the chosen place. What's happening at all? Looks like this and can be done withever colour you may like - here done on a tissue:

Rust experiment with "pigments"

What you need:

- The object
- Artists paint pigments for mixing - (I have only recently started and am even on the trial & error path), you may use here also different Weathering Pigments from different companys, or go out and scratch off real rust and make it to pigments - you are the boss.
My Pigments I have here, "English red" by guardi in a big amount:

These are coming out really brightly orange. Sure there are others like "Ironoxid brown", Umbra, and way more - just grab some and collect your own experience in using others or mixing them or eati... no!

Brought the pigments out of the box with a dry brush:

Water with a brush brought into them and making it to a glaze. The good point at working with pigments is the fact when you make them wet and they will dry - they always dry out to the same result as before - the dusty, dry pigments as they have been before. If you put something else in the mix like an ink or a something like smoke or coffee it becomes something different. Bringing in Smoke for example makes the pigments dry out harder, not so dusty as they might do only with water - just get some experiments of your own on some small test pieces.

Now i brought this upon the upper piece:

Final steps in this experiment

I used a glaze of Citadel's Vermin Brown on the two plates ... I do not know - I guess because I wanted to give the lower plate a little bit special Rostton. I have also added this to the bottom or by the addition of chaos to Black Smoke points to a deeper effect.


Main thought: Never stop experimenting.
I've noticed here that I subconsciously rather the effect, or just like the color along the edges and rivets to incorporate or draw even the most careful glazing technique leave.
I would running out of my time if i would go deeper in this overview, but experience always grows and i will go further in the details with this content sooner or later

If armour plates are motionless to each other there might grow rust.
If the armor pieces are designed and made for the movement, there should be no place for rust as the owner should keep them clean, otherwise the carrier simply can not move (for example: Chain Gloves).
On a fallen, forgotten knight in the swamp that would be cool instead, haha.

Next step ...

Making something dirrrrrrty

I will not tell much about this. Everyone got dirt in his thoughts, let them out and do some experiments... hehe :)

Nah, i just can't leave you with this information. For example:

For such dirt you may use black pigments or charkoal (picture above).

For such dirt on a wall, for example you may use some old "dirtwater", several glazes of different experiments and so on - you see there is no end in sight, learning by doing.

Making chipped paint

I mean such things:

You may also go at this task with these experiments:

To represent such a decomposition on a figure, it is necessary to be inspired about the desired effect of nature. Nature provides to every observer, the best impressions.

Chipped Paint and Dirt all together now

I am trying to take a fundamental approach to the subject with chipped paint and dirt, not to explain the issue at the highest level, just to bring you an overview, my way of approaching this theme with only inspiration in the back of my mind. Detailed stuff for sure to come.

Purely instructive this will be submitted as showing to learn from your own experience, your own curiosity of ideas and limits "learning from mistakes" may show you - your path to your individual style. Therefore, this guide is intended as an approach - not as the holy grail ... blabla - let's go:

As a test object a plastic barrel from Games Workshop was used and has been primed by this method:

Now I have in this case - applied for illustrative purposes only a basic layer of Hawk Tourquise and Ice Blue (Citadel), added by a small drop of Chaos Black (GW) to glaze a simple shadow in it:

With a heavy water-based glaze of Schorched Brown (GW), I tried to represent dirt, as I have simulated a kind of running down on the barrel.

Also I have tried on 2 different ways to get a simple effect of scratches/chipped paint on the barrel. I did use a sponge on the right side to bring up black randomly created areas, also an old toothbrush rocks for dirt from moving through dirty areas before and chipped of paint. On the left side i took a brush and set some spots/lines with pure white - more explanation coming in soon:


Now i want to talk about looking at a scratch with light from above - found this example in a wall at night which really fits to this purpose. Ok, damaged wall, light from above:

As you see if the lights hit the the wall from straight above, the lower edge of the damaged area is hit by light and comes out way brighter.

On the left side this was painted on the white spots/lines with black , assuming that the light comes from above, the lower edges of the "crack" in white are allowed to stay.

On the right side fine white lines have been painted on the larger advisable "cracks" on the bottom.


In principle, this approach to a basic thought of sophisticated techniques Weathering is developed, i guess.
To achieve more intresting or higher quality results means for example the "Dirt" to be created with many glazes that produce different effects in combination.
Also "cracks" can win several colors at depth.
The effect of flaked-color works in my experience with the dabbing of metal sounds pretty good.

Even the rust is by a combination Weathering can achieve the possibility of different effects.

As I said initially, this tutorial will serve as a basis and not to bring the ultimate, brilliant result, as this will be different for each of us as well.

Keep on happy weathering, painting and experimenting and have a nice upcoming weekend rolling in!


Tutorial - Weathering Overview

by Roman aka jar


this Tutorial shall bring you an overview over the different thoughts i have made to the chapter of "Weathering". If you are searching for inspiration or just don't know what i am talking about - check this:

Weathering Inspiration

Ok, now i'd like to start with making something rusty...

Making something rusty

... like this'n'that:

As visual aids, I take 2 times Ogerstomacharmoury from Games Workshop where I want to test different variants.

It is still a little experiment, so to speak (just for me) - the preparation of the metal parts
in this guide is therefore in my eyes rather unimportant, there will be single tutorials about this stuff somedays -  enough trivial talk - we proceed to action:

Made white over black like in described in this Tutorial.

Base Colour with base metal and additional "dirty water"

Mithril Silver was the basis of this history. Since I always have a water tank with so-called "dirty water" here on the ground to collect vast amounts of pigments and certainly lives one or another Tiefseewürmchen, I reached for the shown "extremely fast" variant of the metallic Edit this dark waters back. Once or twice is over it and ready.

Weathering Inspiration

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong


this time i'd like to talk about the so called Weathering, making something dirty, rusty, used and maybe let some colour being chipped off.

This is more an overview over the thoughts i did collect to this topic. There will be a more detailed view on the different techniques sooner or later on MASSIVE VOODOO. Please take this as an inspiration...

First of all i got that for you - Inspiration.
As i am walking around in my little world always trying to keep an eye out for intresting things the world offers to the eyes i did collect some photos i have made over the years - here you go, a complete mix of weathering, rust and dirt i have found - please just take it for your inspiration and try to keep your eagle eyes active while running around in the day - just enjoy, i am continuing my blabla later on:

Mmhhh... now these are a bunch of pictures - i think i do the Tutorial seperatly and link this inspirational stuff to it. Hope that is fine with you. Weirdo style...

Next up - the Tutorial fitting to this stuff...

Keep on being inspired by your world!

PS: Some more rusty picture galleries have been found here - thanks again for the additions via comment: