Twins Playing Room finished...

by Roman aka jar

Ok, finally a massive batch of funny wall painting has reached its end. I did this for my neighbour twins (9 months old), whose godfather i am and as this room in my neighbours flat is planned to be their playing and exploring room soon i have decided to make it as suitable for children as i can. It took me the whole last week to finish and i hope you can see how much fun i had - not easy to take good pictures of the whole room but i hope you get what i have done here:

When you enter the room this is the left wall - a bit too much i think right now, but that has been somehow the area where the wall and i had to become friends:

Entering the room and turning back to the door, you may find this:


Turning around to the left side there comes a more calmed area:

Some detail shots of my personal favorites:



Hope you like it, Josie and Sam do :)

Keep on happy painting!


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