Weekend Playlist Adding X

by Roman aka jar

As the weekend approaches... slowly, gently, chilling time in front of us all, at least i hope so - enjoy yours if you can... here goes another music talk. Music that inspires me while painting:

This weekend's playlist is full with a little genius i had shown earlier, exactly 2 months ago - Sungha Jung - a boy that rocks my world, my world of music - hell, yeah he is awesome, he rocks the balloons out of a wonderful autumn day... i hope you enjoy:

Sungha Jung - More than Words

Sungha Jung - I'll be over you (Toto)

Sungha Jung - One (U2)

And for the more action themed painting hour, additional:

Sungha Jung - Mission Impossible Theme

Another thought - if you paint miniatures with a comrad and it feels like this, you know you paint with a true friend, always remember to watch out:
Fight - Kotaro Oshio and Sungha Jung

Enjoy and relax your bones on the weekend!
Keep on happy painting!


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