Kong's WIP Thoughts Nov01

by Roman aka jar

Aloa to another round of talking about Work in Progress Projects on my table and their acutal state... just organising myself with this and let the muse play with my soul....

Huh yeah, the muse and I - she loves me and she seems to hate me and loves me and hates me and loves me and hates me... not that bad as all. At least she is there somewhere. So i listen to her when i get her call and hear her voice... and she said:

Denise is stuck at the moment.

The sniper is stuck for the moment and as i planned it to be the miniature exchange miniature with ScottRadom i felt a bit bad as i did not know when the muse makes me work on it again. Unfortanetly Scott did really like the lately done "Path" a lot and i let him choose whatever he likes more - luckily for me and the muse it was the Path or Scott just thought: "Huh, the sniper will never be finished i guess!" - no just kidding, buddy! It is on the way now.

Some gaming table Tzeentch comissions (thanks for your patience!)  are also stucked at the moment and some things are also stucked but luckily not me.

I have prepared the upcoming Arkvenger from Pegaso Models for painting, his base will be built on top of a nice socket from sockelmacher.de which i am waiting for at the moment (no hectic my dear!). I did make a tutorial on him and the Title "Preparing a metal miniature for Happy Painting", but i have to write and post it and i am a bit off Tutorials lately after the last ones. So please be patient with me like always :) - exactly i mean cleaning, mouldline killing, pinning, polishin, etc. - soon more to come of this... not yet, not yet...

I will do another Step by Step Article of painting up the Arkvenger - here and on the italian LegioPictorium Forum. Really looking forward to this and it seems it will start the next days/weeks. Planned are both in english, but if anyone would have fun translating my poor english in perfect italian and would post it there ... mmh ... might be an idea, hehe. So if anyone is intrested and reads this and thinks he could have the time to do so whenever he likes just drop a line here - i could not pay for it!

I still am in the progress of cleaning and preparing him up but soon there will be an end in sight - this is how he looks at the moment, cloak is missing on this picture:

I am sculpting a bit, not much lately, but some progress to show, not much, but some, the starts...

The actual state of progress, pumping up the Volume at the moment:

Ignore the nose, hehe:

Looking to the skies:

To another really nice person i am painting this one up. It started now, but i am not sure how fast this will grow after i have te Arkvenger before me and the clouds of preparing him fading away slowly - i guess you got me there - but i have started, that is what i want to show here :) - Asian Magician guy from Helldorado with his little weirdo helper. I used a cut Candleholder, which i bought in such a very cheap store as the socket. The little buddha statue has been bought also in such a messy store for not much coins (now who thought about Super Mario while reading "C-o-i-n-s"? Ask yourself!!)... mmh...

Before priming...

 After priming black and white:
And i am really thankful to Mr. Raffa (Picster) for giving me one of his busts, the Sargeant Cheeky, prepared, primed and not painted ... not yet:

So far from my muse i go dancing with colours and a brush now...

Keep on happy painting!


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