Impulsive Playlist Adding VIII

by Roman aka jar

... mmh... yeah... following my heart these days as i am finding so much great music lately, i have to play the bongo of the MASSIVE VOODOO CHANNEL on youtube...

Now be true to yourself, there is no day without music in your heart. It is always there if you want or not, it is there if you listen to it or not... i always listen carefully :)

So i have to play the bongo drums and add 5 more Songs to the Playlist, everyone of them having a deeper meaning to me as the next couple of days become more quiet, silenced, calmed... i hope you enjoy this impulsive Add...

Starting with a title from one of my all time favorite Films, i guess i have seen over a hundred times, i guess most of you reading this know this movie so it is nothing special:

Already shown, but also from a movie i love very deeply:

Good old Johnny - intresting video to it - i won't comment this much more:
One hundred million angels singing and big kong singing loud with them, haha!

Keep on happy painting!


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