Introducing the "Hae?-Competition"

by Roman aka jar


as i am sitting here - smoking cigarettes and watching captain kangoroo, now don't tell me i got nothing to do - i finally manage to achieve this goal i had for several weeks... Talking about a competiton Robert and I did start in the early 2009... a very special competition, with special rules, special entries and special prices... something totally different than ever seen... i am talking about the

I would like to tell you how we found the idea of this competition. As Robert always makes me think "Huh?" and "Hä?" and Wtf?" when he tells me something about miniatures... just kidding. It all started with this outstanding emotional piece of art, one of my personal all time favorites ...

I was so positivly orgasmicly shining brightly happy about this great piece (what you may see on my number of comments left there if you view them all). And we loved the idea of making a feeling as the centre of a painting competition, that is how the Hae? 2009 was born.

There will be started another one in 2010, but we don't know when, we will let you know and i am glad to have Raffa onboard for this project. The 2009er has been only in german forums but next year we want to spread the word.

If you are intrested in the entries of 2009, "Rules", prices, chat and whatever around the "Hae? Painting Competition 2009" feel invited to read backwards and click the link.

You may always find a link in the right navigation bar to the spot that marks your brain with a "Huh?" or "Hae?"

Keep on happy painting!



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