Weathering Inspiration

by Roman aka jar

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this time i'd like to talk about the so called Weathering, making something dirty, rusty, used and maybe let some colour being chipped off.

This is more an overview over the thoughts i did collect to this topic. There will be a more detailed view on the different techniques sooner or later on MASSIVE VOODOO. Please take this as an inspiration...

First of all i got that for you - Inspiration.
As i am walking around in my little world always trying to keep an eye out for intresting things the world offers to the eyes i did collect some photos i have made over the years - here you go, a complete mix of weathering, rust and dirt i have found - please just take it for your inspiration and try to keep your eagle eyes active while running around in the day - just enjoy, i am continuing my blabla later on:

Mmhhh... now these are a bunch of pictures - i think i do the Tutorial seperatly and link this inspirational stuff to it. Hope that is fine with you. Weirdo style...

Next up - the Tutorial fitting to this stuff...

Keep on being inspired by your world!

PS: Some more rusty picture galleries have been found here - thanks again for the additions via comment:



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