Subject 14 - Day 213

by Raffa

Hey everyone!

Phew! Finally i finished this piece which will be the first (but not chronologically...) in a set of miniatures that'll tell a small story in a fictional universe.

Day 213:
Salival and S14 were on a little trip to the old fair collecting some funny balloons...
They grow together each and every day.
It's some kind of love, the kind of love king kong had for ann, to protect her like a little sister, little does he know about the powers that sleep inside her...

The Miniatures used were Rose by Hasslefree and a heavy converted King Maulg from Kraken Editions - ArteFactory.

The Gun was scratchbuild based on a GW gun (i think from a sentinel) and the rest was sculpted and scratch build (harness, gas mask, gastank, balloons).

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I hope you like it! :)



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