Mu01 - Viking Chief from Pegaso Models, 1:20

by Roman aka jar

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Miniatures unpacked! Ok, so far the theory, hehe...

Since some time i have learned to work with a miniature in my mind while it is still in his box. It helps to get a better view on the model itself, playing with ideas, changing them, mixing them... coming to a personal Happy End as a final result as a goal. Creativity in the early progress you could call this. Happens with a lot of projects. At the moment i am a bit recharging batteries, preparing some ideas in different progresses... yeah i know blablubb...

I thought i might share with you some miniatures i have on my workbench - in a review, some kind of "What comes from the box, when i order it?"...

The start will be done with the model "Viking Chief" from Pegaso Miniatures (Elite Series) in Scale 1:20, sculpted by Andrea Jula.

The painted version on the box cover or on the homepage from Pegaso has been painted by Diego Ruina in a real wonderful grace. The box itself is out of hard cartoonagehhhhh... i just don't get the word for it, damm! Beautiful box in the end, where you know you have something really in high quality in front of you, that's what  i wanted to say.

When you open the box you will be struck down by some metal pieces on soft foam of the Viking chief and 2 paper sheets with historical information to the Vikings and some historical colour chat the single parts on the miniatures, like "Helmet in iron with reinforcement of an iron or gilded colour" in english, german, italian and french. Top notch here!

The Kit consists of 21 pieces, if i did count right:

- the base
- left leg
- right leg
- lower torso
- upper torso with head
- 2 pieces of the cloak
- round shield
- 2 helmet wings
- 11 tiny detail pieces in a plastic ... uhm, another word i have to find out sooner or later (sorry i am too lazy to find out how the vikings called this stuff)

It looks like this, klick the picture for a bigger view:

The detail pieces unpacked:

Another picture for seize comparision - just fixing the biggest parts of the Viking with Patafix to manage the seize comparision to a painting pot from Games Workshop, Scorpion Green :)

The Kit under the Eagle eye

The Fit of the different parts looks very good in the first sight. Sure a detailed look will be done while preparing the miniature, but for just holding it together it is really great and the high quality of the Pegaso Kits made me stunned again for a moment.

Picking out the left leg for a detailed view, sure you have some small mouldlines which come from the process of ... uhm, yeah - production. The first view makes me say: No problem at all with fine sandpaper :)

Bringing the Parts together i would start with the legs and even if there are small pins and the fitting hollow place in the other piece i would fix it all with a metal pin to get maximum Fixitation. A tutorial about this theme is planned sooner or later here on MASSIVE VOODOO, please be patient.

The scale of 1:20 is not small, indeed he is really heavy guy - but you know who needs a sixpack when ya got a onepack! Vikings, the real men, smelling like a cow! Oh yeah, baby! Ok, stop, i want to say that the details are really sharp and lovely sculpted and the model brings so much greatness in this more non-actual-movement pose with a harmonic flow of the complete anatomy, clothing and detail work - a true masterpiece by Andrea Jula.

More information to the model you may find on Pegaso's Shop Site!

So far from the Mu01 - hope you like this idea, if so let me know, i may do some more sooner or later, when the time fits and the muse is with me... i have added a section for the Mu over on the right navigation bar or here!

Keep on happy painting!

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