Gaia 2.0 up to ebay...

by Roman aka jar


ok, gone from the "For Sale Area" now, the Gaia 2.0 bust i did paint from JMD is now up to ebay.

For a way bigger goal than earning money by miniature painting to feed my own - this auction is being held as part of the 'Little Angels' campaign. The biggest miniature painting contest ever held online, all to raise money for Tommy's - a charity that helps prevent miscarriage and stillbirth.

All proceeds from this auction will be donated.
To find out more or to donate please click the banner below...


Ok, now for this goal there the Gaia 2.0, holding the world in its glibbery tentacle needs your intrest over on ebay... i am hoping for your support - check her out here:

Thanks for your time and Happy bidding! Don't forget to spread the word about this great contest where ever you be able to...

Keep on happy painting!


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