Step by Step - Brother Dariel, Angel Sanguine

by Roman aka jar

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Step by Step - Brother Dariel, Angel Sanguine

After  Picster told me about a  competition over at the enourmous Warhammer 40K Space Marine platform, 'Bolter and Chainsword' about painting a Space Hulk Terminator in traditional Blood Angel chapter colour scheme or a following Chapter i thought about taking part, as i wasn't able to get hold of the Space Hulk game because of whatever, i asked a friend of mine if maybe i may get one of them i really like. In the end after a million times asked he decided to give it to me - thank you very much, my Kurtheit.

The rules of the comp say, just glue them together and paint them as they are without a special base or conversion. So i have started but sure cleaned and prepared him before painting him. I guess he will be a nice model to do another step by step. I have decided to make him from the chapter of the ANGELS SANGUINE, half red, half black. Time is to the 26th Octobre and i am not sure if i am able to make this... well see, the muse is the key and if she is with me maybe it'll work out in the end. Ok, here we go...  i call this project BASH, Blood Angel Space Hulk, hehe... stupid i know - stop blabla - allright:

Started him on a black/white priming, and went with about 3~4 Layers of thinned Red (Blood Red and a tip of Dark Flesh) on his red half to set the basics, sorry for the blurry pic this time, as it isn't that important in the moment i am concentrating to make better ones as soon as possible as it gets important):

After this i took one of the GW inks, Badab Black with a tip of Dark Flesh and inked the red parts with it to get some depth to work with. Also i painted the other half of the Terminator in Black. I didn't use pure black here, because in my eyes it is a bit too intensive and doesn't look natural. I did put in some ice blue in chaos black to get a good basic tone for the black armour parts. To the top i put more ice blue in it, it is very subtile but while working it out i hope you will get what i mean. The skulls/eagle wings have been painted with a basecoat of dark flesh.

As you can see the model is just put on top of a wooden piece to get a better hold while painting him... Want to know more?  


As the competition rules say, only the normal base i am planning to make it rusty for the moment - after the comp i will add a bit more to the base ;) - rusty, ok? What is best to do rust? I often start with real rust pigments, which i get from Steel wool, laid down i a small 'container' with water for some days. The Steel wool fades away while the water vaporizes and left stays rust. At this point i want to thank Picster who got that crazy idea some months ago - it works really well...  you can also get these pigments from anything rusty, just choke them down and stomp them small. Everytime you hit them with water they will work to their own new look, haha. So far this is how this 'Pigment breed container' looks at mine:

As the base has been basecoated with Dark Flesh i just put it up there with some water on an old brush.

I next put my attention on the Purity Seals, which i basecoated with 2~3 Layers of Rotting Flesh.

The main attention following went on the black armour parts where i put a bit of Bleached Bone into the base mix of Chaos Black with a tip of Ice blue, to set some more highlights on the miniature. On the red parts i did the same with a bit of Tanned Flesh given to Red Gore, but that is not really available to see - more to come on this point later on...

The Genestealer rests have been painted with a basecoat of Chaos Black +Regal Blue + Dark Angels Green and have been highlighted wet in wet with adding some grey and as far as i can remember a bit of Bleached Bone. His teeth got painted with Dark Flesh.

The stormbolter was painted in chaos black + ice blue, which i still got on my wet palette.



Now, think, Roman think... uhm japp - a tip of white has been set in the Rotting flesh to highlight the Purity Seals a bit. Pure white was set in his intact eye. Pure white was used to paint those belt/stripes honour things he got hanging around there. The latest black mix was used brighter on the edges by adding a tip of pure white. The red things from the Purity Seals have been done with a basecoat of Red Gore.

The Genestealer's teeth have been highlighted with a tip of white. The whole Genestealer rest has been washed with 510 Gloss Varnish from Model Colour with a tip of Chaos Black in it - also added water.

The Crux Terminatus has been basecoated with pure white and was washed with Badab Black. Also every blood drops and later gems have been basecoated with pure black. 


Looks all a bit weird at the moment but time for detail will be later on - i next will go up on highlighting the reds and make 'em a bit cleaner... Slowly eats the squirrel ;) 

Ah ya, i have switched the wooden socket, because there will be added some more stuff after the comp.


 As i am trying not to forget something about him, i will show you here some more steps further, still in the progress of finding my way through the miniature - it is still early progress on him... so be patient about this step by step - looking forward to the end, because i still don't know yet how he will really look afterwards, haha!

Ok, Purity Seals have been glazed several times (4~5) with Graveyard Earth, moving slowly darker in the later glazes with a tip of Dark Angels Green + Chaos Black (really small)... I want to show you how i use the brush here. Not with the Tip of it, i paint the glaze on it while moving the brush over it with the side, pulling the colour carefully from one place to the other... to colorize the bright underground i did set before - i mostly paint like this and mostly everything with this brush seize:


The bright eye, you remember pure white there was glazed with a mix of goblin green + ice blue + tip of white, very thin, several times...while a bit of dark angels green was brought in for the lower part of the eye... looked like this on my wetpalette:

The reds have been brought a bit more brighter with using a tip of Fiery orange in the basecolor, added some Dwarf Flesh in it for a subtile Highlight on the edges... red is a bad color it mostly goes up to pink, so don't highlight with pure white or something near this.

The metal parts have been set with a dark metal tone of Vallejos Oily steel 70865 + a tip of Chaos black. The Skulls and boneparts in the end have been highlighted with a tip of Codex Grey in Dark Flesh. More to come here soon, very subtile.

The red wax dots of the Purity Seals have been darkened with a mix of Scab Red + a tip of chaos black, also did use this mix for some more intensed shadows on the red armour parts.

The white 'honour snake' thing there has been darkened a bit with of the Purity Seals Mix of graveyard earth and the tips of dark angels green and chaos black. Really thinned, just to get a bit more definition in there. The next steps will be cleaning up the mess and work more in the lights and shadows... here he is in the acutal state of  Progress:



So here are the next steps - before my brain makes 'blubb' and i forget what i had done there... 

I took a picture of his actual state without the photobox on my workbench, still a lot to do, click to enlarge:

The latest steps:

The Skulls and bone parts have been highlighted with thin glazes of Codex Grey adding a bit of Bleached Bone for going a bit brighter (not finished this step overall, because i am working my way from skull to skull, so some have more layers, others less at the moment).

The black armour parts have also been highlighted with this mix in the places where the imagined light from above hits the armour. Also the 'box' around the stormbolter has been worked with this colour.

The red armour parts have been highlighted with a mix of Blood Red + Tip of Dwarf Flesh + Tip of Bubonic Brown, also some edges get some attention with this mix.

The gems have been strengther in their lower part with 2 glazes with pure Blood Red.

The metal parts have been slowly highligted with glazes of pure Oily steel from Vallejo (70865).

On the base i have added some more rust, done with the same pigments as before but mixed with vermin brown to get some natural difference to the rust.

The alien teeth around his "honour snake thing" there over his chest have been painted the same like the genestealer before.

Pictures from the Photobox - ahh, i hate taking photos, haha:



Oh dear... i had the glorious idea to paint this "honour snail" over his chest like a candy string... using a red/orange mix. Stupid idea - will be changing this, because it really makes the eye go crazy and the Terminator look like he tries to sell a candy alien - he is NOT the Candyman...

The gems have been highlighted in the lower parts going from red to orange and a tip of yellow in the end. Trick here was mixing Vallejo's Gloss Varnish 510 Model Colour in the colours i use for the highlight, so the shiny intensity became much stronger and it is easier to handle in my eyes. Didn't try it with another Varnish because it works really well with this one - up to you to catch some experience. A white tiny dot has been set on the upper side of the gems - take care of different lying gems as the white dot appears where the light source hits the game - in this case from straigt above.

The black armour parts have been darkened with thin glazes of Chaos black to get it more darken. Use the brush as described above for this reason.

Detail edge highlights have been set with elf Flesh on the reds and Fortress grey on the blacks.

Also the red parts have been more intensed by using thin glazes of Fiery Orange on the areas where i imagined light to fall from above.

I have used thinned Chaos Black to "draw" black lines in the places where different parts come together - to make the miniature look more sharper and clear the view on different areas.

The purity seals have been darkened with glazes of bestial brown to bestial brown with a tip of chaos black in it.

The little lamps on this lamp-thing over his helmet on his right have been painted black.

The green of the eye has been intensed a bit more with 2~3 more thin glazes of Bilious Green.

Attention, Pictures above are a bit to greyish, this one is a bit too bright... ah i hate taking photos, haha:


Ok, now i got my mess - i have made green glibbery strings and slime from the aliens corpse and now the eye of the terminator is struck down in its focus... ahhh.... i have changed the eye to a simple blue, ice blue on regal blue but somehow i am not satiisfied with the eye in the end.

The glibbery slime on the alien has been made with this technique.

The candy snail has been painted very dark in a mix of chaos black and ice blue, highlighted over bleached bone to a tip of white in the mix at the upper areas.

Little damages in the armour have been made using an old toothbrush and chaos black - a detailed view  to this so called "damaging or weathering" will be find sooner or later here on MASSIVE VOODOO in the Painting Tutorial Section.

The blacks have been darkened more with a couple of thin glazes of chaos black to make the greyish looking areas get more into a black, BUT with areas where the light from above hits the armour.

Reds have been glazed the same only with glazes of a dark red, made by a mix of chaos black and red gore. The wax dots of the purity seal have been shaded with thinned Tamyia clear red x-27 and as far as i can remember i did use this glaze also on the red armour parts.

The metals have been highlighted with pure mithril silver on the edges and the areas where the light hits the areas. The areas which the light won't hit, have been darkened a bit more with thin glazes of chaos black to maximize the contrast in the metals and make them look more alive.

The skulls and bone parts got their last highlight with thinned skull white mixed 50/50 with bleached bone. Also the purity seals did get a final highlight with this mix. The "text" on the purity seals have been made freehand with a mix of schorched brown and chaos black, thinned with water a bit to make the colour more fluid (just do this always i hear me say) and make the "freehand" drawing more easier.

The dead eye did get some final stronger highlights around the destroyed helmet visor and has been darkened with Tamyia clear red to show that this really did hurt - or better made him angry, hehe...

A click makes these pictures bigger...


In the end i just added some plastic card and stuff to the base and made some ugly mass there where the aliens ripped pieces lay. Painted the base rusty as described before to achieve this final look of the model - and i took my time in taking photos but as you know i will stay an idiot with that kind of thing...

I hope this tutorial helps even it sounds weird in some areas... not really easy to get it all written down... ay, ay, ay... whatever - Keep on happy painting!


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