Massive Changes on MASSIVE VOODOO

by Roman aka jar


or you may also this the jungle drums from Berlin. Finally reached there yesterday, BIG thx to my man Andi for rocking the road to Johnny Cash and Elvis and for this wonderful hour of pure melancholie with the artist Hans Soellner on a shiny, rainy road with lights from the cars around... there are those moments you know, where this is some kind of listening to your soul - thanks for sharing this one with such a great placement... looking forward to see you this week in this crazy big city :)

Massive Changes? Ohhhh nooo not more Apes without bananas going crazy in the jungle to sweet electro bongo vibes... oh no, you might think or not, if you don't then there is a reason to read a bit further down below...

Arrived in Berlin. After 5 Minutes i had the feeling of being at home sweet home again. Awesome people in here, guess you felt how speechless you made me - i am thankful of these hours spent here with you like you wouldn't think...

And there he was... mati, the BADSMILE. After knowing him a while through the strange paths crossing the internet and really enjoyed moments of a soulful chat. There he was, with his very nice queen and his little prince and ... yeah, what can i say, he was as i did knew him from the internet, one of the nicest persons i ever know... just in real! That's very cool - bow!

 I also knew before that MASSIVE VOODOO is always growing, a jungle can't stand still or it wouldn't be a jungle... Now another Ape crosses the path of the Big BananA search of life and wonders...

Mati, welcome my friend - i am honoured to have you here with us...

Punk Funk!



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