What is this thing called mistery...

by Roman aka jar

... why should it make a fool of me?

Sorry for posting this in here but my heart aches by looking at this serious sniping going over on CMON, the picture is actual not active, so all the votes came from this blog - i don't really care about it anymore when sometimes i got the feeling of some sniper activity at my miniatures, i don't care about numbers above miniatures, i care about the photos and the minis - i got balls like coconuts in that subject (trained hard you know) and really someone sniping around simply ain't got them...

Mkay... this night grows old and i got to travel to Berlin tomorrow to visit one of the Happy Painting guys on this planet a bit further away... his balls are heavy as bowling balls and i still got to get my bags ready, guess tomorrow before being picked up, haha... ok, not really intresting i know... coming to the essence of my blabla... mystery... serious sniping from a ballless brain - check this out:


I had to post this, because Raffa is a really good friend of mine, a brother on the brush, so i had to post this - even i feel my balls heavy - it really seems to be raining all the time in those tiny hearts of those snipers... what a wasteful use of time, haha ... get some balls ;)

At the moment i did post this the linked "CoolminiorNot" got a 7.7 with 31 votes... ah, my balls are itching...

Now what you think? Yeah, i am weirdo... Let the sun in your heart:)

Keep on happy painting!

PS: This message in banner format:

I am not sorry for those who might feel angry or ashamed now... :)

Keep on happy painting! I needa go to bed, get my stuff packed tomorrow and always remember a number over a picture which shows a painted miniature
shouldn't be your every days sorrow, really not...



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