Tutorial - Weathering Overview

by Roman aka jar


this Tutorial shall bring you an overview over the different thoughts i have made to the chapter of "Weathering". If you are searching for inspiration or just don't know what i am talking about - check this:

Weathering Inspiration

Ok, now i'd like to start with making something rusty...

Making something rusty

... like this'n'that:

As visual aids, I take 2 times Ogerstomacharmoury from Games Workshop where I want to test different variants.

It is still a little experiment, so to speak (just for me) - the preparation of the metal parts
in this guide is therefore in my eyes rather unimportant, there will be single tutorials about this stuff somedays -  enough trivial talk - we proceed to action:

Made white over black like in described in this Tutorial.

Base Colour with base metal and additional "dirty water"

Mithril Silver was the basis of this history. Since I always have a water tank with so-called "dirty water" here on the ground to collect vast amounts of pigments and certainly lives one or another Tiefseewürmchen, I reached for the shown "extremely fast" variant of the metallic Edit this dark waters back. Once or twice is over it and ready.


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