Kong's WIP Thoughts Nov02

by Roman aka jar

Ok, nothing really happened... the last projects are still at the same spot where they have been on the latest Kong's WIP-Thoughts Nov01. Ahh, no i am lying and i hate lying, Picster's bust is on the road to finish :)

So why am i posting?

After doing not very much the last week at all, mainly focusing my energy on the Wall Painting of the Twins room i felt a bit weak the last days - felt maybe some cold rolling in - but as a man i take this with masculin strength - i am whining all the time :)

Ok, no it is time to find back into miniatures and after Raffa (Picster) and Robert (Muhani) are actual doing some very cool versions of King Maulg from Artefactory i had the idea in joining them - not painting at the moment at all but i had an idea of putting something together for a longer time now ...

Here is a short preview of what happens at the moment... still to grow, he will be holding a big flag and the flag pole doesn't stay that way - it isn't even glued yet. Parts used are from Rackham, the barrel with the apples, a knife from a Space Wolf from Games Workshops Space Marine Space Wulf Sprue (wow), the helmet from the Italian Warrior by Romeo Models and a shield from a Rackham Skeleton.

More to come - this is the actual state - nah, the workbench in its total confusion first:

And Maulg, the ancient Hero at the moment:

Hope you like him so far!
Keep on happy doing whatever you are doing!

Regards and a good start in your week...


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