Mu02 - Arkvenger, Pegaso Models, Ghenna Series, 1:32

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Hah! Got you reading this! :)

Another Mu rolling in... Miniatures unpacked for those who might missed the first one. In the right navigation bar there is a link to the MuS(e)... hehe.

Sometimes there are miniatures who call you... call you because of your actual state of life, call you because the power and the energy of the sculpt or just call you in the depth of your soul to bring in your vision and feelings... this one here is such a model:

Arkvenger, Pegaso Models, Ghenna Series, 1:32, sculpted by  Robert Chaudon, Promopainting by Fabrizio Russo, where both did an outstanding job here - there are things in this world which even make me speechless, you know.

When the hard cover box arrives at your table you first wil be stunned by its weight. It'll look like this:

When you open the box 13 parts are smiling at you... here is one missing in the picture - wouldn't be as funny as it is if my weirdo style would break up with me, you know. The hair part is missing on the photo, urgs my fault and my lazyness that i didn't do new ones.

The parts are:
- right angelwing
- left angelwing
- upper torso with head
- base (which i will not use)
- 1 upper leg part with the evil eye
- left feet
- right feet
- 1 hair part
- 1 Nimbus (the holy circle thing over the head)
- right hand with blade
- left hand with blade
- 1 Loincloth
- 1 cloak 

Looks like this:

That is how he looks before another phase of the preparing starts, sorry for the blurry pictures, blaim it on the wind, haha - without the cloak at the moment:

The Kit under the Eagle eye

Pow... i am really struck down by the great sculpting of Robert Chaudon. A standing model with so much furious dynamic - simply brilliant! I have not been sure about the missing face first, something new definatly and in the planning of this project i sometimes felt the character of the sculpt getting lost without the face... now, i see a good point again - there is always the right moment to start a project - it is the moment it calls you and at this point i am right now... for me the model has the perfect match of character and undefined something strange i feel sometimes while getting older and letting life choose my ways...

Sorry for making this not very neutral, more personal in here - you know - somehow i feel free on this blog since a long time. I wanted to say that i like the sculpt a lot and did accept it for not being as usually as a Space Marine, seen so often - good thing :)

The Body parts of the model come in - again - a stunning high quality known by Pegaso Models. Intresting parts which are not often seen or mostly have been unseen on a model. Just when you look on the blade gloves - totally freaky.

The parts are fitting really good. Even if there are small pins and the fitting hollow place in the other piece i would fix it all with a metal pin to get maximum Fixitation in the end. 

The sharpness of the sculpt is again worth more than applause. Sure i took my time of cleaning and preparing the model for painting and it took me about 5~6 hours all in all to get it up. I will write an article about that soon ;) 

When i did say this miniature is calling me, maybe a song can describe what i mean:

Thanks to Trull, my good ol' buddy for recommanding her over at the Maxpaint Forums - i did know her before from some movies but wasn't aware of her name at all. Thank you very much for the inspiration - and i love that movie, i'll always love movies who make the big Kong drop a tear or four :)

If you want more information about that model you may find it at  Arkvenger at Pegaso Models.

Keep on happy being happy - ähm... painting and stuff!

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