Kong's WIP Thoughts Nov03

by Roman aka jar

Labamba aloa hey hey,

another view on my actual workbench shows - i am filled up. I guess i will take this view on the Work in Progress stuff as a kick in the booty at last to finish something up finally. Please remind on everything you see in my WIP Thoughts Postings, that it is still Work in Progress :)

First shown Work in Progress is a bust by Mad Puppet miniatures, called Jigsaw, with something intresting added by me after being finished with the paintwork (still a lot to do)... more to this soon i guess.

The Arkvenger is now primed like described in this Tutorial.  Makes him look like this:

Now he and me are waiting for two ordered sockets by the Sockelmacher.de ... had to choose between 5 different ones, while asking for one, now that is service - thanks my friend, can't wait to have the 2 choosen ones here with the Arkvenger - i did choose these 2, in the end i have to choose one i guess, haha - the Arkvenger will find his destiny, there is not much i can do...

Also the Ancient Hero Maulg got some first colours up...

Also painted further on the Toxic girl, but not really much, so it is ok only mentioning her...

I hope you like these WIPs here... all in all there is a lot to do and that's what i am doing now... painting :)

Keep on happy Painting all around the globe!


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