Ebay - Marquis of Carrabas

by Roman aka jar

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Smart Max's Marquis of Carrabas in 54 mm, painted by me is hitting ebay tonight.
May he find a good new home! Click the banner to get directed to the auction
or if you prefer the direct link to the auction :)

Happy Bidding! 

Brussels, Oops!

by Roman aka jar

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Still working on the video report about the Painting Crusade - soon to be finished - so there is just good music, but fine one as I would say and some photos of Monday's little trip to Brussels as Urban Clothes Ninja Raffa, Mademoiselle Valerie and I were exploring Europe's Capital. At this point I already have to say a thousand thanks to Master Quent-Teng for making this all possiblé ...

Impressions of Brussels

On Sunday night we had a lot of fun with doing drawings together - they turned out to show pretty strange characters in the end, maybe some new miniature concepts? No I think not :D

Brussels - yes - it is worth a much longer visit than we had. Soon more about the Painting Crusade ... the video is already saving, but it will still take a while.
Best Wishes

Peanut butter jelly!!

by Roman aka jar

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Back from Painting Crusade - what a nice weekend in all aspects!
The Jungle's report dropping in soon!
Stay tuned!

I am searching a sculptor

by Oli aka HonourGuard

posted by Oli, HonourGuard, silver leaf

Good morning to all,

As the title says, I am searching for a sculptor that wants to create a project with me (or more, we will see). Not for money just for fun. I want to do this because I think this is a possibility for expand my/our skills in painting and creating . I saw many great sculpts at the Painting Crusade, I know there are many good sculptors out there.

The point, because I can't sculpt is a question of time and skill. As the most may know, I don't paint for money, I normally have to work in the week. That's why the time for my hobby is limited, and the time I have I want to invest in painting and basing:)

My personal direction in miniatures is fantasy and detailed/filigree 32mm models. I travel to many painting competitions over the year, maybe this is the chance for a sculptor that his works get more attention;) I have not any direct projects planned or rules how the model must look like.. my idea is that two artist give the best and we try to get a good result, :D

If you are interested, need some more info etc. please feel free to contact me at: Oli@massivevoodoo.com

As you can see what my painting level is, I add this picture of my last mini:

Best regards Oli

P.s. take care the pictures are big as usual, when you open them. My english isn't the best, I hope nothing sounds stupid to you :P

Something Different? Or is it? Narrative Space...

by -Matt Cexwish-

Hi Di Ho!

As the other Monkeys are happily guzzling down a couple of tasty Belgian Waffles after meeting hundreds of Friends in Bruxelles, it is time to post something slightly unusual in the Jungle: Architecture...

Some of you might know that a couple of the Monkeys  got their dirty Hands on a couple of Architecture Manuals and Plans and started to dream of  building their own Coconut huts one day...   A year ago, one of my Professors asked me to chose a Video Sequence, that should be transformed into Narrative Space... I was always impressed and disturbed by the Film "The Diving Bell And The Butterfly" by Julian Schnabel because of it´s very tangible and immediate, nearly suffocating atmosphere about it...


A Man, who suffers from the Lock In Syndrome after a Diving accident, leaving him bound to the Hospital Bed, not able to move more then his Eyes... How to transform this State into Space? The Question is -believe it or not- very interesting also for making Miniatures, since ideally we should be creating interesting spaces and atmospheres too... First of all I had another close look on how the Film has been made Frame by Frame...  




 I noticed that it consists of a great gamut of different angled shots: Blurry Totals, Clear Close Ups, Sequences and Sections of Numbed Sound Fragments, etc. ... I chose a couple of interesting views and cut the Fragments like small windows in a Square that would then surround the Head... I wanted the Space to be Interactive and to Affect, nearly Torture the Spectator...

In the end, I wanted to document the Death of the Space too... In the End, Ice seemed like the perfect Material to reflect all of those Requirements (plus keeping the Models costs at lowest costs possible... :D...)...  


"As it melted away, dripping cold water on the shoulders of it´s inhabitant, the Ice Cave slowly collapsed, freeing it´s prisoner from his cold torture... What was he afraid of before if it was only by now that he was free once again?"

I hope this may give you a bit more insight and on how to space can be perceived as well as inspire you to think about what atmosphere you want to transport, then think about how to translate it into space (maybe even interactive Space...)...

Have a Great Monday... Lalala!