Midnight WIP

by Roman aka jar

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 Long time there was no Midnight WIP in the jungle - reasons unknown.

I go to bed now - and made a final list for tomorrows last Rhino day, so this might be last Work in Progress Shot before getting it all done. I have learned that such small lists really help me going strong through the final touches on a figure without getting mad. The lights in the upper torso still are a bit yellow, tomorrows oil will do ...

For those interested what the list says, here you go -
followed up points are still to do:

- Final Light on the tourquoise parts
- Final light on the upper torso and back
- Earrings final light
- Final light on the berrys
- Maybe I bring up another dry branch to the base
- Ground/Earth final lights
- after all Oil is dry, Satin Varnish (upper torso skin area)
- after all Oil is dry, Gloss Varnish (eyes, wet areas)
- Socket Label

I think after this list I'll find another one at least that big :D
And it already starts, I did forget the following:

- Turtle
- Birds on his neck
- Final clean up

Listening to this track up and down while painting.
I got some sad news about Raffas and my visit to this years AFM Mountrouge Show in Paris - we won't be able to come as there is already a painting class on exactly the same weekend, which is already planned pretty long. I feel very sad about this fact as last years Show was such a beautiful trip and weekend with so many nice people and great figures. My heart is crying. I hope to see some of you at the Painting Crusade in Bruxelles :/

Good Night and keep on happy painting!


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