Tutorial - Creating wood and tree fungi

by Roman aka jar

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"All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning."
The Myth of Sisyphus

Well, there was a little inspirational moment yesterday, but before I'll explain here you go with some good morning music, classic! I really get very inspired while enjoying Oli's natural base creations, for example his last one, the Huntsman. I was up to some wood and tree fungi on my inspirational hunt and all you need is

- tabacco (I did use Javaanse)
- some superglue,
- scalpell,
- toothpick,
- matt varnish.

Don't start smoking it will kill you and maybe it will kill me too as I do, so don't buy your tabacco for smoking, just for creating fungi on your bases. This won't work with tabacco from cigarettes, you need tabacco from which you can roll cigarettes with or pipe tabacco. When you now take a closer look on your tabacco you will find such little small plattes inside the tabacco - now begins the Sisyphus Task.

Now take a sharp blade, like your scalpel or a hobby cutter and clean your fungis and cut them in the seize you want. Taking a toothpick now, putting a tiny dot of superglue at your base and place a fungi where you like. Your base should be at about 90% of already done work. 

Due their look your tabacco will look like a real fungi, at least I think so. I gently used some greenish brown colour to the area where the fungi glues at the base to get a softer transition and kill some rests of maybe tiny glue accidents. A final wash with matte varnish was applied at the fungis to keep them as they are. This will close the surface of the tabacco. If you don't do so your tabacco will dry over the weeks and easily breaks and becomes dust.

You can do this in every scale - if you create a little forest you might have a lot of time consumed while creating your wood and tree fungi. I did this first in a pretty small scale on a Red Box Games Miniature WIP:


I hope you like this little idea and you can use it on your own projects maybe. If there are any questions feel free to hit the comments or say what you think about these fungis.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

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