Work in Progress - getting stuck on a song

by Roman aka jar

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It often happens to me that during painting that I am completly stuck at one song.

One song can conquer them all, those brushes, those colours, those icicles, those all ...
One song brings peace of mind - if you got those moments don't you ever think listening the same song for a day is bad or stupid, think twice :)

Work in Progress
DarkEzekiel was right about the 2 articles.
One will be about tribal scar tattoos on the Rhinotaure.
The other one will be about macgyvering a ladder for the Sentinel.
You can see it on the photo, it is full with Liquid Green Stuff at the moment,
but it'll get some paint after these lines are written.

Just sent me over you adress for your little gift.
You know my brain is lazy.

I was talking about a song:

And a little preview on my little Skyrim Comic - the first tale of Bor Skallagrim will soon be told, pretty strange on how I played this game, I am not playing anymore even there is still a lot to do, I mainly played it for relaxation and to shut off my brain during exploring the land of SkYRIM. It seems I played it to create this comic :D

Too much to do, no further talk - so let's do it!
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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