Smells like p... pp... ppp... ppp... PPPowa!

by Roman aka jar

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Still seriously mad about the "Rhino tribal gnnnarrrgggll thing" and still working on it. I felt power going down, but I today knew what helps me, so I have cleaned up my workspace again.

A freshly cleand workspace always smells like power!

When your painting water looks like this - don't paint with it - get some new one:

I got to say big thanks to Florian aka Behemoth for recieving a cool painting from him on the Painters Meeting in Göppingen, two weeks ago. Sadly he wasn't there in person, but now he will be at my workbench after I found a good place for his canvas. Many thanks to you!

And after the cleaning fairy was here it all looks way more inviting and smells like power!

Now come and get some you Rhinotaurus .... I'll finish ya!
Keep on happy painting and have a nice sunday all around.

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