Tutorial - Scratchbuilding a little ladder

by Roman aka jar

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This little article will not be awesome :)
It is pretty simple but it was a lot of fun to do the documentation, when I remember back shooting a photo with both hands at work and the camera in mouth :)

Scratchbuilding a little ladder
I am doing a Sentinel at the moment, lost and forgotten in the ice deserts of a long lost planet. Standing there for centuries, frozen in silence. There will be a tragic story included and I felt I want a ladder to the sentinel to have more space to place a hundreds icicles more. I wasn't able to find some perfect metal bar so I took a paper clip and freed it from its coating.

Cutting out the pieces I want and bent the two main bars of the ladder by using the calliper ...

Drilling two tiny holes to fix the main bars of the ladder ...
 Drilling with camera in my mouth ...
 Placed with with superglue ...

Picking up the single bars, hitting both ends with superglue, bring them in place ...
Placing them carefully, additional toothpick as a tool for correctation and arranging the detail fit ...

Using Citadels Liquid Greenstuff for bringing it all togther ...

Painting it so it fits to the rest of the model. It soon will be hit with icicles to get it all included in the whole conept - Oh dear, I am at 30% of all icicles at the moment :D

So back to work I go - and don't you mind this little ladder looking not perfectly in form - remember, tons of icicles over it and it is a pretty old ladder :)

Keep on happy scratchbuilding!
Best Wishes

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