I am searching a sculptor

by Oli aka HonourGuard

posted by Oli, HonourGuard, silver leaf

Good morning to all,

As the title says, I am searching for a sculptor that wants to create a project with me (or more, we will see). Not for money just for fun. I want to do this because I think this is a possibility for expand my/our skills in painting and creating . I saw many great sculpts at the Painting Crusade, I know there are many good sculptors out there.

The point, because I can't sculpt is a question of time and skill. As the most may know, I don't paint for money, I normally have to work in the week. That's why the time for my hobby is limited, and the time I have I want to invest in painting and basing:)

My personal direction in miniatures is fantasy and detailed/filigree 32mm models. I travel to many painting competitions over the year, maybe this is the chance for a sculptor that his works get more attention;) I have not any direct projects planned or rules how the model must look like.. my idea is that two artist give the best and we try to get a good result, :D

If you are interested, need some more info etc. please feel free to contact me at: Oli@massivevoodoo.com

As you can see what my painting level is, I add this picture of my last mini:

Best regards Oli

P.s. take care the pictures are big as usual, when you open them. My english isn't the best, I hope nothing sounds stupid to you :P


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