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by Raffa

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Hey everyone,

haaa, daily business, how I love it. A little sculpting here and there, a small brushstroke over there, mixing resin water so my whole appartement smells like hell... life is good!

Before talking about miniatures again, I just have to show you this awesome web application:

You can make awesome sketches..... hmm hard to explain, just try it out :)
Ok, this one is maybe not so awesome, but maybe you can do it better? :)

And check out this song if you're into drum'n'bass ....I really like the video too!

While still working on the ronin I also got some other projects running.
As you can see there is still some stuff to do, finishing the second and maybe a third head, sculpting the hand, but soon you will see the finished result.

The body was sculpted with 1part fimo + 2 parts super sculpey firm, it's a pretty nice mix.
The head and all the bright greyish parts are sculpted with Magic Sculp.

 Now, what other projects are on my table? Here we have two colonial marines from Hasslefree Miniatures (Ken & Kendra). Those two will be part of a small Alien themed diorama.
Pretty straight paintjobs, nothing too fancy, but as they are not the central and most important part of the diorama they don't need to be super fancy.

 And another project of mine get it's basing done these days, it is a very time taking process as it involves a lot of resin water and there will also be a lot of vegetation and plants on the rocks.

I hope you find some of there projects interesting... there are some more, but those, sadly, are commissions i'm not allowed to show until they are released ;)



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