Waterpistol Wars

by Roman aka jar

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Finishing the Rhinotaure takes a lot of energy - so I decided to switch to some pieces that are standing around in Work in Progress and just paint them to finish. They won't be at the highest level of painting and whatever - they are just painted to be done, just for the relaxation, just painted to paint and to get back some energy for the exhausting detail work on the Rhinotaure.

Works well :)
- here is the first one - it is a Studio McVey Figure but with a gentle conversion
and I like to call this scene "Waterpistol Wars", guess because of the waterpistol shootout she is into.  Hope you like her!

Waterpistol Wars
Studio McVey, 28 mm

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I see a lot of places where I could put in some more work and clean up the mess, but as I told you I really wanted to just paint her to finish as a finished figure makes happy during bigger projects. Thanks to Raffa for helping me with the photos. He made some funny experiments on how I should have painted her - enjoy those photoshopped photos - so many options missed :D

Keep on happy painting!

Best Wishes


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